Synchronising calendar with Android (free software and services)

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Hi everyone!

There are various Calendar formats out there, and what they have in common is that Android does not support them natively (only via Google Services).

I want to collect solutions for integrating the calendar files into FP’s calendar:

  • CalDAV
    • I am using DAVDroid, works great! (And the best: It’s from Austria! ;))
  • .ics (iCal)
    • The same people, who make DAVdroid, also make ICSdroid, which let’s you subscribe to *.ics online calendars.
    • To simply import single *.ics-files I use Add to calendar which does not have a UI but implements a dialog to import an *.ics file with the Android calendar. Very lightweight. Available through F-Droid.

Do you have further suggestions and additions to the list? (Maybe we could wiki this post?)

Greets, Stefan

Edited on September 2nd, 2015.


Check out “MyPhoneExplorer” at (German) or (English). A great, free, offline synchronizing tool for calendar and contacts!

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I fiddled around with BTsync to get my calender files synced, via a NAS. Did not like it, in the end, by the way. (BTsync, however, works splendidly. I now use it to push music to my phone, e.g., and to sync my photos between devices.)

I’ve been trying to use it the last couple of days and I can’t say I’m happy with it. It seems to work OK on my desktop but while it started working along the same lines on my laptop now I’m completely unable to connect my FP to it through MyPhoneExlorer. The play music through bluetooth works though, same as for browsing the files on the phone, so it’s an issue with the program.

Any other program to test for synchronizing with Thunderbird for example?

Maybe Flock?


Meh… :confused:

I’d rather avoid those if I can. Thanks though.

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Cloud… But end to end encryption for all data.

I don’t care for online synchronization anyway, I care for synchronizing with my computers.


@ZoidbergForPresident: Did you install the “MyPhoneExplorer Client” on your Fairphone as well? (You’ll get it from the Android store.) I’ve been using MPE for years (even through its Sony-only-days) for synchronizing Outlook with my phones and never had any problems with it. I always connect through WiFi rather than Bluetooth, though.

I started with my new FP to use MyPhoneExplorer (on PC and Client on FP) and it makes a satisfying job. You can synchronize more than one FP so my wife is also happy :slight_smile:

That is actually what cloud Synchronisation Software is intended to do :wink:

Yes, yes, I did. And it still works on my main PC, but not on my laptop, not anymore, for whatever reason. Cable, bluetooth, nothing works anymore. Tried reinstalling it, same.

I’m using owncloud with CalDAV-Sync / CardDAV-Sync ( for syncing calendar and contacts.

Tried again, whatever I do on my laptop, the connection don’t go through: BT, Wifi or cable… :confused:

CalDAV-Sync ( => Synology-Nas with its integrated caldav-calendar
CardDAV-Sync => Baikal (installed on the synology)

Works great!

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I could not find a CalDAV/CardDAV solution that I liked. So I setup a sync server in a VM that supports ActiveSync (the protocol natively used by android). The server is called zarafa. It is actually a big group ware server but I use it just for syncing my contacts and calendar.

Seems pretty complicated and not sure what’s in the free version and what’s not…

Setting up a server on a VM seems interesting. How do you get the data to your actual OS though? Or don’t you use a calender program?

I use Davdroid (on FDroid) with Owncloud (your own, private cloud). Works great !

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Is there no windows app allowing synchronizing with your mail client locally (usb, wifi, bluetooth)? I don’t want cloud.

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