Sync Open OS calendar with Google Calendar

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A few days ago I switched to the Open Source OS on my Fairphone 2 and overall I’m very happy with a phone that has almost no connections to Google. One thing I regret however (and I’ve seen a few other posts regarding this), is that I can’t use Google Calendar anymore. I’ve tried the stock calendar on Open OS to sync with google calendar, but it gets stuck in limbo.

First, it asked to add an account, so I added my gmail account which my google calendar is tied to. Then nothing appeared, so I clicked on “Calendars to display” in the top right menu, then “Calendars to sync”. It says it’s loading, but that goes on till infinity.

Any thoughts on this? Or maybe some alternatives that can sync with google calendar (I need it for my work).

Thanks in advance,

Use CalDAV eg. DAVdroid… If that app has the necessary data it creates an account on your phone with a calendar. Most calendar apps can show such calendars.

There’s a similar topic with different alternatives:

About your specific problem with Google Calendar app, it’s normal. (Most) Google apps require a piece on Google Play Services to sign-in to a Google account. Without that piece (i.e. without the whole Google Services bloatware/spyware/backdoor), you can’t login.
Fortunately, the sign-in piece is implemented in microG, a free, libre and open source (FLOSS) implementation of Google Mobile Services. It worth a try, I guess, :wink:


Wow, that solved my problem so easily :astonished: I had been chewing on this for almost 2 days now. Thanks a lot!


If you need any more help, feel free to continue in the topic linked in the post marked as solution.