Sync mail but not automatically push it to phone

Hi, very exciting to have my FP2! but also very disorienting after years with iPhones.

I would like to set up my email so that it only fetches the mail when I open the Mail app – not automatically. But I would still like it to sync with the mail server, so I can keep things synced, eg from ipad to fairphone to desktop.

Not sure if I just don’t understand the settings or don’t find the right place to do this – in the Mail settings, I only see the Sync frequency options. Thanks a million!

When you set up your mail-account choose for IMAP, so your mail gets synced.
If you can set your mail-app to only fetch mail, when opening the app, I don’t know.
I use K-9 Mail app from F-Droid and I couldn’t find that particular setting.

If you set the Sync frequency to “Never” it won’t sync automatically. You can still sync manually by doing the “pull down” gesture in the Email app.

Thank you. @ChuckMorris this is very helpful, I didn’t realize that was possible.