Sync contacts FP2

Hi guys
Just got my FP2 yesterday. I cannot get it to sync my contacts on Facebook with my contacts on the phone. Is this possible and if - how? (I’ve already tried syncronizing and chosen accounts to be shown in the contact lists).


I have the same problem. I tried uninstall facebook and messenger, reboot, and reinstall both of them, but it only merges google account contacts.

Anyone having the same trouble? I’ve read our phone is not the only one having that problem.

Did you both re-enable Privacy Impact?

Yes, the box was unticked

Even if it’s unticked, you have to tick it and then afterwards to untick it again.

Well, I already did too, and I also just did it again now, with a sync of the account when ticked then unticked. No changes :confused:

Just tried to it ticked and unticked with no effect. Thanks for effort.