Switching between alternative OS's

Hi there,
I have had battery problems for a while, so i plan to try out LineageOS 15.1.
Are there any guides so i can easily switch back to FPOS? (not the open one).
Is there anything that I shouldn’t delete?
I see a guide on https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/FP2/install, but i know that there is way to backup your image before installing a new one. I just lost that link for the moment. This one doesn’t mention anything about a backup. (I don’t mean backup of my Contacts/SMS - Contacts are in Gmail.com already)
I see from https://twrp.me/faq/whattobackup.html that i can use TWRP to backup system, data and boot, so I hope that this should work fine.
Has anyone had experience with this yet please?

I have switched between OSes using TWRP. If you were on FPOpen - do a backup with TWRP (… AND SAVE IT TO YOUR PC/LAPTOP!!!). If you want, you can also backup your apps using TitaniumBackup - or use the google cloud (I don’t use google, so have no knowledge here).
Then you install the new OS - and your apps from backup.
If you want to go back I recommend wiping your phone (AFTER… saving all your apps, data, pictures etc…), then installing FP Open (the same version as in the backup) and then restore using the backup file in TWRP.
For installing LOS you need the latest version of TWRP.


Hi there @Friek,
I installed TWRP on my FP2 which has only FPOS (non-open), but it seems to need root access to be able to do a backup.

I just read now that TWRP needs root access. I will find another way. I think there was a post somewhere on the forum on the steps to install Lineage. i will look for it.

Hi @skimo12 ,
yes, in the link @Friek posted right before it is explained how to install TWRP:

  • fastboot flash recovery twrp.img
  • fastboot reboot
    Attention: It may be your installed OS will overwrite (your version of) TWRP! In this case you must boot only into recovery by pressing Power+Vol+ and from there install a compatible OS - e.g. LOS.
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As far as I know, TWRP don’t need root access. Only an unlocked bootloader is required and this is the case with FP2 phones. So you can make an backup without root.
Only if you want to make backups with an app like Titanium Backup you need root access first.

Correct, TWRP doesn’t need root access.
However, make sure to :

  • Install adb/fastboot on your pc/laptop
  • Activate ADB access in the Developper settings of your FP2
  • Reboot to bootloader (e.g. adb reboot bootloader or Power+VolumeDown) before flashing the .img

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