Switch to FP Open OS with Root and XPosed

Hi everyone!

I have currently FP OS 1.2.8 (shame on me - I was just too lazy for the update procedure with Root and XPosed…) installed and I want to switch to FP Open OS.
My phone is rooted and I use the XPosed framework.

My question is: Can I just install FP Open OS as described here or do I have to take some other steps before as my phone is outdated and rooted?
Maybe this was answered somewhere before but I just can’t find any information with Google & Forum search…
Thanks for any help!

Installing FP Open OS (the first time) erases the system- and boot- alongside the data partition so XPosed and root should not be an issue.

Worst case you have to use method 2.

Cool thanks for the fast and helpful reply!

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