Swimming Fairphone

hello everybody,

its been a long time without using english so please forgive me for any faults…
Yesterday i had to suddenly jump into the water cause my old dog was about to collapse, I had my phone in my pocket so immediately removed battery when I came out and I’ve put it under the sun for it to dry…
His last words were “no command”, and now it stay black when I put the battery and it is vibrating continuously just showing the little colored spot on the top of the screen, changing from red to green etc.

Since yesterday it’s in the rice and me in the sh**. :slight_smile:
Thank you so much if you have any idea, experience, help…


Hi and welcome to the forum

Razem has directed you to a Guide, and sadly the two most important points are
a) to dismantle, use the iFixit guide
b) don’t put the phone in rice as rice dust can contaminate the phone

The other is a flow of fresh air is better than direct sunlight. Sunlight warms the water and allows it penetrate further.

Flowing air around the phone and modules reduces air pressure and sucks the water away.

Let’s hope you get it sorted but it may take a few days.

All the best.


Choose your Fairphone type (1, 2, 3 …) and use the “teardown” instructions for your type here to disassemble your phone as much as possible:


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