Survey: Your interests

Hi everyone,

We’d love to learn more about you, what you’re interested in and what attracts you to the Community Forum (amongst others). So we’ve put together a short survey with a couple of simple questions :mag:

If you have just 2 minutes, it would be super if you could fill it out. It’s completely anonymous and you may even have fun doing so. :blush:

You can fill it out here.

The survey closes at noon on November 25th.

Thanks and have a wonderful evening!



Except that I wasn’t able to answer “None” to the question on social media platforms and had to skip, filled :slight_smile:


Thanks for all you and your collegues work. I don’t click on links that take me to third party websites especially survey types that who knows who will gather who knows what information.


A daughter of mine wanted a Fairphone as he works in the human rights scene and I thought the phone wouldn’t be good enough technically, so I bought it for her and joined the forum. She didn’t last with the phone and meanwhile I’d bought another to keep track of the ins and outs.

The fairtrade aspect is the only issue that draws me to the Fairphone and it’s so important to me, and was to my daughter, that I feel the need to support this business as I can, and that means trying to help others who have bought the phone.

More recently another daughter has bought the FP4 and I’ve heard no complaints from her.

I now/still have 2 FP3s around two years old and despite my daughter’s one taking a div in the toilet, just after she ‘bought’ it, both are working fine.

So supporting the community is supporting Fairphone and supporting Fairphone is supporting Fairtarde

It’s very simple in theory but it does takes quite some effort :slight_smile:

All the best


You can select “other” and add “none” there… :wink:

If you skip the “profile” questions there’s nothing some third party could gather and abuse of what you type in…
I dare to click the link and can answer the questions for you if you want… :wink:


Could you make this survey some kind of banner/headline/pop-up, so everyone gets notified when logging in?
This way, you might get more answers; especially from basic-users.
Otherwise this topic will drop down in the list of new topics and won’t show up on the first page(s) when visiting after a couple of days or even weeks.


Thanks for the suggestion Bert, as indeed I hadn’t seen it :slightly_smiling_face:
and to Volker for pinning.


Can anyone of you remember (from the questions in the survey) if the survey is clearly meant for forum members only? I’m wondering whether it makes sense to spread the link elsewhere.

Update: OK, I found a way to view the questions again. The below makes me think it’s better not to spread the link elsewhere:


… and my Firefox settings prevent to show any content :slight_smile: I’d like to answer, as I think it’s important that we talk about what we really want (if’s that possible within the survey), but why should I accept cookies/scripts/etc. which I routinely block everywhere else? I do not have the time to research whether the umpteenth server serving java, fonts, cookies, etc. is trustworthy.

I was attracted to Fairphone by the sustainability (repairability) aspect, I very much like the fair (as much as possible; I was shocked by a recent documentary seeing that Fairphones are still assembled by Chinese migrant workers who see their children twice a year), and the killer aspect is FPOOS - getting rid of surveillance.

I’ll pay a lot for that combination.

Danke & Grüße von


Hi everyone,

Thanks for the great suggestion @BertG and to @Volker for already going ahead! Really appreciate it!
An update here is that we already have 80 responses :tada: And with the survey now being pinned we hope to get even more! :crossed_fingers:

@virtualnobi if you’d like to understand Fairphone’s approach a bit better, you are more than welcome to check out this page on our website. And on a related topic, we are also currently running a petition to ensure living wages for the makers. I hope you all will sign it! (Any questions related to this topic, you can leave in this topic).

Thanks very much! :slight_smile:


You should have dropped a copy of the questions here.

@formerFP.Com.Manager Will the outcome of the survey be posted somewhere?


I join you in this question.

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I have filled out all questions that I could answer.

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Thanks again to those of you who have responded in the survey. So far we have 147 responses, which is pretty good! Yes, we’ll certainly share a summary of the results. :slight_smile:


There was a question asking whether, if you’re an active member, what you consider the most important use of this forum. If I’d considered myself “active” I definitely would have answered “solidarity with other FP2 users”.

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Nice, thanks. Is it done yet? Where could one see it?

It is now a while since closing of the survey last Nov.
Has anyone had any news on the outcome?

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