Support ticket "solved" by itself + Usb & power button wearing out FP4

After spending 15min opening a ticket, an clicking on submitting, my ticket is tagged as “solved” .
I think my support ticket will not be read :frowning:

The support process could be improved by gathering the information from YOUR database. When I go back to your online shop there is NO mention of my purchase of my FP4 !
I had to go in my own email to find out :

This is a community forum. We have no such database and no online shop.
As for older stuff missing in Fairphone shop order history, this might be related …

Pinging @anna_jopp … How is the migration of the old shop data going? And please have a look at the support ticket issue.


To make the support work, you have to repost at the bottom in the chat, this will "open " the ticket.

By the way there is no power button replacement apparentely for FP4 and FP5.
I am wondering how you keep a phone 8 years, if you cannot change the mechanical parts that moves ???

what does you mean by there is no power button replacement? This was so far included in the frame module, which can be replaced by Fairphones repair center.

Dear @yvmuell ,
Thanks for your quick answer. I had to send my phone to repaire as soon as I receive my phone 2 years ago. I whish not to have to send it back every now and then, especially if it could mean reset of my phone to zero. Moreover it means not beeing able to use my phone for 1 month :wink:

What I unerstand I bought, is a user repairable phone. My question is how me as a user I can sustain sending my phone back to you every two years to change the power button . And you as a company.

My own feeling is that there is a design problem. Moving part are known to wear out, like wheels on your car for example. Things that don t move like the seats of your car will last for 20 years and more.

Note: part of the problem is not having tap to power the screen, this mean to check the time I power my phone every 1 hour.

PS: I love this phone and what you are doing as a company <3
Just would like to keep my phone more than 2 years

You have a problem and therefore its a design problem…well not sure what to say, and better to say nothing more I guess.

And would you mind stop saying you as a company when you talk to other user in the forum?

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Thks for your answers @yvmuell .
I am taking not this is a user forum.
Have fun

Hi @y_cho, I am afraid what you are describing is the normal Fairphone support procedure: To reduce the workload for our customer support team, we want to make sure people have completed reading the available online resources / troubleshooting steps first.

Therefore, any support request first triggers an automatic message in which we share links and resources to address the most common issues. This message also includes the information that, should you still require help after reviewing this information, you can request this within 7 calendar days and that your issue will otherwise be considered solved.

@AnotherElk: Good question about the status of the migration, let me follow up on this.


Dear @anna_jopp ,
thks sfor your answer. I am not complaining of the FAQ system. Which is very good to avoid vasting your time.
I am saying I have already entered those informations in your shop and that you ask me what you already know… I can imagine better ways :slight_smile: Your plateforme odoo should be able to work better :
And basically get my data when I am logged in + not lost my order datas… How do you asume waranties if there is not my order in your system …

For example on when I open a ticket I can say to which order(server) it is related.

As quoted before, this is not lost, customer support still have this data, it just isn’t visible (yet) on the new shop platform …


Hello, is tap to wake not working at FP4? I am using it on my FP5 but mostly wave up, even though it might be draining the battery, for this very reason, that the power button is not changeable.
I understand your frustration but it was never advertised as a removable part.
I am doing my best to keep it for long.

All great news then. Thks everyone. Thks for the info on my purchase datas that will come back.

Sorry if I feel a little rought, you often come on those forums with a problem to talk about :smiley:
We all know this tech world is not perfect, and fairphone is doing muuuuch better!
I am just thinking loud, on what I think could be improved… hopping it actually help someone out there make a better phone.

I am already happy I can change my USB c port and battery myself, wich will push the thing 12 or 24 more monthes.
Now in some monthes I feel like the power button will die on me. I would have been very happy if I could have changed this moving part myself. Now I understand this is not possible on this model neither on the new one.

After difficult times at the beginning with my FP4, it is now quite working. Except the loud speaker microphone. So far so good :wink:

It is true that the power button is not available as a single replacement part. Even user-repairable equipment has limits. I have never had a phone with a broken power button and also have not heard of that being a common problem for Fairphones or any other brands. As it is a component that will evidently be subject to heavy use, I expect it to be designed to last and have yet to be convinced otherwise.
Even after over 6+ years of use that many FP2 have by now, this did not come up as a regular problem - or a problem at all to my knowledge.


It has been reported for the FP3 at least – see this topic, also including some tips & tricks:

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To get your ticket working, just reposte it in the ticket chat.

Thks for your help.
I think I am overthinking it, for now the button works. Lets wait until it dies for real.
Also the ckick noise and the whobbling that appeared doesn t make me thing “sturdy like a german car door” ;D

It is more psychological : I had to return my phone two times the first month I recieved it. The french repair team (in bretagne I beleive) was bad at just understanding the problem, even with a forum explaination.

Note: for those with big problems at the very beginning, just cancel your order and send the phone back. If is a production quality problem like me , you are in for a nightmare. Better reordering the same phone 3 monthes later.

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