Boot Fairphone 3 with broken power button

Hi, my power button on my Fairphone 3 doesn’t work anymore. How can I switch my phone on again, after it completely turned off?

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If this is an FP3 and not the FP3+ you may be well out of warranty so if you do not want an official repair, at ## cost then you may want to consider a DIY

Can you still charge the phone, does the LED show charging as yellow or green?
Try to ensure the battery is charged to rule out that as a problem.

It may just need a clean. The power switch is part of a small strip connected to the main board.

You will have to start by removing the screen

Here is the location the long green strip to the left in the image below.
Note: There is no guarantee that this is the problem and you may create further damage by trying a self repair. So this is not advice just a show of the button location and detail

If cleaning doesn’t help it may be possible to replace the strip, but removing it completely isn’t something I’ve tried


Hi, thanks four your reply.
Yes I can still charge the phone and the LED is working.
The problem is the power button as it already wasn’t possible for some time to wake up the screen using the power button.
I tried the cleaning, but this didn’t immediately help.
I am able to enter the Fast Boot Mode by holding Volume down and inserting while plugging the cable in. But I could not use it, to boot the phone, as the power button is required to select start.

I somehow managed to boot it accidently with a random combination of Volume up and down presses while connecting cable.

I have now activated USB-debugging in the developer-settings, as according to some guides this would allow booting the phone from a PC using adb commands.

A DIY repair is not possible, as the Volume/Power button module is not sold separately, I’m therefore forced to send it to Fairphones repairservice to get it fixed. However neither the price list, nor the customer support itselfe will say anything about the estimeted costs.

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I think the button itself is in the Rearmodule which would be 80€ as far as I remember.

Maybe its difficult to estimate when its not the button itself but the counterpart?

If you can plug the FP3 to a PC by usb cable, you may try fastboot reboot from fastboot mode. You’ll have to install fastboot in your pc (apt install fastboot in Ubuntu, for example). I don’t know if it is of any use for you, though.

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Probably not a long-term solution either, but if you get it powered on again at least once, you might want to install an app like WaveUp | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository

It allows to wake up the phone from stand-by through sliding over the proximity sensor at the top end of the display module with your fingertip or your thumb.