Support Service not replying

Unfortunately, after three weeks without a reply from the Support service, I notice checking this forum that this is a FREQUENT, even chronic, deficiency for Fairphone policy.
I got my FP2 in November 16, the display module starting to give problems in March 16.
Again six months later, the screen is becoming not responsive and getting crazy…
Then I contact the support service, they replied just once asking e to follow some useless instructions, because they’re not replying to me anymore…

I’m simply regretting of having purchased this FP2…

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I fully understand your frustration.
If you already searched this forum, you might have stumbled upon this advice already:
Try to give them a phone-call, as this makes it easier to sort things out and usually is way faster.


Also: Since you obviously saw other topics discussing this why didn’t you post there?
Multiple topics about the same issue don’t help anyone.

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Many thanks…
It’s so disappointing…

Please continue e.g. here.