Support request not answered yet

What usually works quite well in this case is to call them (the phone number is at the bottom of the support site).

I know this isn’t the place for this but I’m running out of options, I’ve contacted your support with no reply for over 2 weeks, the phone number listed on your website doesn’t work and I’ve messaged you through 2 social networks to no reply. According to your production blog ( all orders from February have now been shipped but my order from 22nd February is still listed as pending, why has my order been left out and not filled?

Hey, our apologies for the slow service and thanks for your patience. I have seen that all your requests have now been answered. Let us know if there are further questions!

Hey, we’re sorry for the late reply! I will make sure you will receive an answer from us today. Thanks for your patience…

Hey David, we sent you a new phone by now. Thank you for your patience and sorry for this series of problems.

Hey @arnaudpauw, we answered you now. Sorry for this delay…

@theanswersalwaysyes how is your new Camera module going?

@Michiel_S, I have sent two emails, one through your website, confirming that I wish to return my phone due to faults. I haven’t heard from customer service yet and I am getting very close to 14 days from receipt of the phone. Can you please advise?
Many thanks,

Hey, apologies for the late reply. I’m making sure you’ll receive an answer from us today!

Hi! I hope you’re well. I’ve been trying to do the return but keep getting an error (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 303). Can you please advise? Many thanks, Niamh.

Same here, could you please answer me asap, too? My ticket number is #105025. Thank you!

Hi everybody and @anon48893843,

4 weeks agoe I wrote ti the customer-support and asked for help. Till today they didn´t answer yet. What can I do? I really do not longer want to have the FP2, it is just not useable! I want to give it back.
Any ideas?

Yours Sidney

Apology granted - now when I finally got support it was super quick
shipment :slight_smile:

I hope you sort out the support routines as your project is great and it is
a pity one has to complain in the forum to get heard…

All the best from Sweden from a now-happy customer :slight_smile:

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Glad to hear that, and we are working hard to make improvements happen! Thanks again for your patience!

Hi @all @anon48893843
I have the same problem as many others here in this thread. Wrote a support ticket 5 weeks ago and got no answer till today. The ticket number is 99714. @anon48893843 what can I do? My phone is broken and I need a new one or someone who could repair it. I love the ideas behind fairphone but 5 weeks without a phone and no support is unacceptable.

Thanks for help

I just want to send the phone back and get the money back.
Reason: 🇩🇪 FP2 stürzt mehrfach ab

Now my question: How can I do it from Germany?


Hey Katrin, our apologies for the late reply. Indeed 5 weeks in very much unacceptable. I see that my colleague Sylvain has gotten in touch with you in the meantime, so you’ll have a a working product as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience!

Did you file a support ticket yet? If not:, or call (details at the bottom of the page with the form). As far as I know, the return needs to be registered and approved before it can be properly processed - so a request to Fairphone support is the way to start.


as an update; I did get a new camera from fairphone now and it is working a lot better. Finally I can take pictures of documents etc. which are closer to the lense than 70 cm. I also have not seen steaks yet. The only thing is that black is shown as purple. But this might also come from “open camera”. Anyway I am happy now.
Support took long, but was very helpful for me.


@Timo4 I answered you now. Sorry for the delay.