Support request not answered yet

I sent you a request the past 28th of June about my microphone not working. I think I’ve patient enough but it´s frustrating to have to use an earset for every single call. And annoying. I like the principles and motivation of your company, but I have a sad feeling of being treated as in any other company: quick answer for selling and slow one for costumer service. Phone calls to Holland are not for free and I think I (and everyone else in the same situation) deserve a better costumer service

Please post your support request number so someone from FP can get back at you.

Hey there!
I had nearly the same problem: Fairphone not working, it seems to be a hardware problem (Display). But there was still no answer by Fairphone support, already for weeks. I wanted to sent my Fairphone back so its checked out and the Fairphone team repairs it, but I didn´t get an answer to the question how to do that. So do you know? Or can you help me, Michiel?
I have a lot of respect for your work and are proud to be a Fairphone owner, but at the moment my biggest problem is that I will be abroad soon and I need the Fairphone there for communication! At least I would need an answer to the question how long repairing may need and how to complain and send in my Fairphone.
Hoping for your answers soon.

Please also consider this advice.

My ticket number is #107264.

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My screen has become unusable, so I’ve submitted a support request as per the directions on

That was 8 days ago. All I got was an automated email saying that you were busy delivering Fairphones. That’s good news of course, for you! Still, I’d be much obliged if someone could have a look at support ticket # 110287. Thank you.

By the way, to get more openness: why don’t you publish your current queue length somewhere? Something like ‘We have 5,243 unanswered support tickets, the oldest being 6 weeks old’. Or are things even worse. :stuck_out_tongue:

I also have some problems with my Fairphone 2.
I’ve written to the support twice within the last 8 (!!!) weeks and never got an answer.
Actually this is an incredibly bad support service. Apart from other annoying issues I can’t fix myself, my phone keeps rebooting on its own like three to fifteen times a day.
My ticket numbers are #110399 and #102011. @anon48893843 could you help me?

Hey, my colleague Sylvain has gotten in touch with you in the meantime. Thanks for your patience, we’ll get you a working phone!

Hi, my colleague Sylvain has gotten in touch with you. Let us know if you have any more questions! Our apologies for replying so late.

Hey, I see that my colleague Sylvain has answered you by now. Thanks for your patience. Although the queue length publishing is a nice idea, I’d rather focus our energy on solving tickets at the moment! :wink: greets!

Hey, I’ve just sent you instructions on how to send your Fairphone to our repair center. All the info you will need is in there. And also to you, thank you for your patience!

Thanks, @anon48893843 ! :slight_smile: I’ve created the repair request and will await the further instructions. :wink:

By the way, would it be possible for you to press the ‘approve’ button for my repair request a bit sooner than after 48 hours? (I’m looking really angelic here!) It’s just that I’ll be away on holiday starting this Friday for a few weeks, so I’d like to try scheduling the DHL pickup e.g. for Thursday.

I’ve already received your approval, thx a lot! :smiley:

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Thanks for the fast reply! I think now I will be able to manage the problem!
But do you know how long it may need to get the Phone checked and repaired?

happy holidays :smile:

This usually takes around a week after receiving the phone, but it differs a bit - sometimes the repair center is a bit too busy like we are too. Hope you can manage in the meantime!

I haven’t waited as much as some persons, but I have a really annoying problem with charging my fairphone since i received it…
I could charge it 2 times with no problems and since then, the microUSB doesn’t fit anymore. It “wiggles” in the module.
Thus the phone takes for ever to charge, as one little mouvement from a femtometer makes the microUSB disconnect from the phone and stop charging.
Are you aware of that problem on other phone from the same batch? I received it on Feb 12 2016.
Is there a brand of charger that is more compatible with the Fairphone? What can i look at or do, before ordering a new module?
Thank you very much!


Hey! Sorry to hear of your problems. Couldn’t find you directly in our system though, did you create a ticket yet and if so, can you share the ticket number? Thanks! Michiel

Oh sorry!
I created a ticket on June 17th ticket number: 111059


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While waiting for support answers, you could check in the meantime this thread (as some other people also reported problems with certain chargers/cables):

Maybe you find some helpful answers there.