Support request not answered yet

Hey Noelle, I’m sorry to hear you have these problems with your phone! We’re going to make sure you get a working phone as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience! Greets, Michiel

Hi @anon48893843 would you please be able to look into my support request #107692? It’s over 2 weeks old now, with no response.

My FP1U has shows no sign of life (at all). I’m just looking to find our if it’s covered under the warranty?

Thanks very much,


I’ve been waiting 16 days now with no response addressing my issue.
ID# = 107541 Please help me @anon48893843.

Hey Josh, I’ve just replied to your message. Our apologies for the late reply!

Hey, I’m going to make sure we will answer you today! Sorry for the long wait.

Request number: #106955. @anon48893843

Hi @anon48893843, I contacted your support a month ago (#105282 and #108654), and I’m still waiting for your response. Could you please respond, as my FP2 is completely unusable after just three weeks. Thanks.

Ann Kristin

I hope you have not opened three individual support tickets. In that case it’d be no wonder they are overwhelmed by the number of open support tickets…


I worked in IT for about four decades and including responsibility for product support department. I would gave been appalled at the thought that a customer would have to log a problem three times over the course of over three months and not even receive an acknowledgement.

I did not wait as long as some others, my support ticket #108237 is only two weeks old but I refuse to wait any longer, since my problem with the GPS-Module exists from January on, new FP Open OS 16.06. does not adress it and community mods refuse to list my problem for monitoring in common issues. Now I’m done with patience. Someone should adress my issue right now!

Did you receive the automated response with a ticket number?
If not, it either never made it into their system or the response(s) went into spam.

Two weeks without a word from support. I need a replacement as my FP2 won’t start anymore. Request #108907.

Now I have waited for one week, not nearly as long as some other people in this thread.
But this is about the limit for me. The phone worked great for 3 days, but it has been dead since last monday.


Hey Micha! I don’t speak German, but I will ask a German colleague to get in touch with you. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

Hey Ann, I just replied. Our apologies for the long waiting time! All the best, Michiel

Hey, sorry for not replying earlier! We will make sure to get you a good working device ASAP. Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Hey, I’ve seen that my colleague Sylvain has gotten in touch in the meantime. Let us know if you have further questions!

Hey, I’ve asked a colleague to help out. So you won’t have to wait much longer! Thanks for your patience.

Hi Alan, we have indeed happening what @Johannes was already expecting - I can’t find emails from you in our system. Can you create a new ticket and provide me with the ticket number? You should indeed receive a confirmation email from us with a request ID. Let me know if it doesn’t work!

I sent you a request the past 28th of June about my microphone not working. I think I’ve patient enough but it´s frustrating to have to use an earset for every single call. And annoying. I like the principles and motivation of your company, but I have a sad feeling of being treated as in any other company: quick answer for selling and slow one for costumer service. Phone calls to Holland are not for free and I think I (and everyone else in the same situation) deserve a better costumer service