How to send back my phone?

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can someone tell me how to send my phone back to exchange it to a new one?
It seems that my phone collects most of the written problems described here:

  • Random reboot (3 times in 3 months, no big problem)
  • Proximity sensor doesn’t work properly, Screen stays black, I often have to talk to somebody’s mailbox and can’t end the call (Could use the workaround)
  • Bluetooth stuttering (only in car audio, no big problem)
  • Worst problem which makes my phone unusable for me: Battery drain by display. I bought a new battery just to test if the battery is the problem. Strange experience: After first loading of the new battery I could use it for more than 48 hours. Since the second loading it’s just the same as with the first battery: 3-4 hours of use of display and it’s nearly empty, no difference if I use lowest brightness level or auto-adjust brightness. Most strange experience this morning: Fully loaded, battery drained to 15% in 30 minutes without use of phone. Then I rebooted at the level of 14%, after reboot it starts with 6% and stays on these 6% for 2 hours.
    I hope a new phone will solve the problems, else the Fairphone is completely useless to me as I am due to my job not always able to load it overnight. At least I need a phone which lasts for 30-40 hours with no heavy using.
    My former Galaxy S3 lasted with a 3 years old battery and same use with same apps twice as long, in heavy use my fair phone is empty in 4-6 hours the Galaxy lasted with heavy use at least 10 hours

To return your phone you contact support and if you are in a hurry you speed up the process by posting your request number here:

This should be fixed by now. Did you apply the latest update?

To me that sounds like your charger/cable is no good. If it lasted 48 hours the first time then the battery obviously works well and if nothing else changed then the only explanation to me is the charging process was deficient.

It was the same charger when i loaded it first. But I’ll try a different one…
Funny, it stays now since 5 hours on 6%…

Well then the battery status is probably simply wrong. You could drain the battery fully and then try the battery reset described in the #batteryguide.

I did this three times with the first battery, nothing changed :frowning:

Well there are a few more things you could test if you had someone around with a functioning FP2 - like charge your battery with your charger in their phone - but it really looks more and more like your phone’s fault…

I received my phone on May the 2nd and it crashed/screen freezer already three times. The only thing to help it was to remove the battery. The last time it crashed removing the battery didn’t even work.

I send a mail to Fairphone support on May the 26th to ask what can be done to solve this problem and today (three weeks later) still have no reply and thus no functioning phone while my little boy is taking his first steps I was planning to film with this phone! No need to mention I am upset! This thing has cost me a lot of money and is now costing me time, energy and frustration.

I am very disappointed in the customer service from Fairphone. I was willing to pay a lot of money to support a cause I believe in, but I do expect the same respect back. Respect which, unfortunately, now that I have bought the phone, is nowhere to be found. I am now at a point where I just want to return the thing and get my money back. Can anyone tell me how I go about doing that?

Unfortunately customer support is experiencing an enormous backlog. To speed up the process post your request number here:

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Screen news:
Used TomTom Navigator for 60 minutes, at start it was 50% after 60 minutes 30%; the funny thing: the phone was connected to the car charger and it DID charge, so obviously the display needed more power than could be replaced by the charger???

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I still think it’s the cable/charger’s fault. Going from 50% to 30% in one hour with screen lit all the time, navigating and maybe having some other apps open sounds about right if the phone is not plugged in, but while connected to a sufficient power supply with a good charger and cable the scenario should be very different.

I remember using my FP1 connected to my bike-dynamo. The charging LED was lit the whole time and when driving downhill I could see the battery percentage go up a bit, but after hours of driving I usually had the same percentage I started with - or after drives with lots of red lights considerably less.
Long story short: The charging LED is no guarantee that the charging process is working well.

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Hi Paul, pls contact me as well, i just would pls like to return my phone, explain why (all these faults) in a mail and I am cery upset to the overall Negation (at first, no more answers later) oft my request by the support Team - pls help! Sonja - THANKs

Not sure if I understood you right, but if you didn’t get a reply to one of your support requests, you could post that here

together with your ticket number.

But please note, this is a community forum and also the moderators are just community members. However, in the linked thread some FP staff members also frequently look into.

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