How to return FP2 because of malfunctioning phone and customer support?

I received my phone on May the 2nd and it crashed/screen freezer already three times. The only thing to help it was to remove the battery. The last time it crashed removing the battery didn’t even work.

I send a mail to Fairphone support on May the 26th to ask what can be done to solve this problem and today (three weeks later) still have no reply and thus no functioning phone while my little boy is taking his first steps I was planning to film with this phone! No need to mention I am upset! This thing has cost me a lot of money and is now costing me time, energy and frustration.

I am very disappointed in the customer service from Fairphone. I was willing to pay a lot of money to support a cause I believe in, but I do expect the same respect back. Respect which, unfortunately, now that I have bought the phone, is nowhere to be found. I am now at a point where I just want to return the thing and get my money back. Can anyone tell me how I go about doing that?

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