Support is intentionally ignoring my wish for a return label

I just recently bought a FP5, a charger, a case and a screen protector.
The screen protector did not work well, but I am sure I cannot return it (I am a very humble being).
But the case I want to return, but the support is ignoring my request.

If this goes on, I will have to sue fairphone. What should I do?

Greetings from Austria,

Relax, it’ll work out in the end, you are absolutely within the normal response time. Please read contactsupport, they will come back to you, but unfortunately most of the times not within a few hours but rather within a few days.
In the end it’s even likely you won’t have to send the case back as others have reported here already:

But they’ll tell you how to proceed - in a few days.


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Wait, and relax, as @Martin_Anderseck correctly pointed out.

Else … Forum consensus is to call them if you want to have a chance of faster proceedings …

Or sue, even just so we can see how that would turn out, we are a curious bunch.


Yeah, I’ll wait. I mean - I would not really ever sue fairphone. I was just wondering because there was not even ashort quick reply and so I went a little bit nervous. The worst that might happen in the end is that I would have to sell it for half the price privately or keep it as a spare part. So yeah, a little inconvenience, but I wouldn’t have thought that fairphone support proceeding was so slow. After all, if fairphone is messing up so that I cannot meet return deadlines it is their duty to increase the return timeframe I guess?

I think return time is calculated from the time you ask for it. so if you wrote support before it expire then u OK.


This ^

When I returned my FP4 it took them about a month to reply. Which was nice, I had more time to consider my return. The return went just fine.


Wow. Ok - now I am completely relaxed. Thanks for your answers. I’ll gladly wait.

Support answered my request. They said I do not need to return the case because it would be a bad carbon footprint and can keep it while still getting a refund. Man, I feel a bit ashamed now. :-o Fairphone FTW! <3