Suggestion for new Camera Module of FP2

Dear Fairphone,

when developing the new camera module for the FP2 please use either the Sony IMX260 or Samsung ISOCELL S5K2L1 sensor together with a very nice F1.7 lens as can be found in the Samsung Galaxy S7. This way in most of the cases a separate DSLM or DSLR is not needed anymore.

Please also make sure we can shoot RAW so that 3rd party software can improve the Image (IMHO samsung spent quite a lot of time and money for post processing software on the galaxy S7)

I don’t know if this is possible but it would be the best push for the FP2 because most of people I know are hesitating of buying a FP2 because of the poor camera (and yes, it is poor, I owned a FP2 and now I always carry a Sony A5100 around)


Please note that this is a community forum so Fairphone employees might not read your post. If you want to address something directly to Fairphone, it’s best to contact support.

Additionaal to that: since the new camera module was announced (once again) recently at MWC and (afaik) is supposed to be available soon, probably the basic design decisions already have been taken.


I think there is no phone on the market right now that seriously reaches the image quality or technical capabilities of a system camera. It is often and tirelessly repeated but in reality it is nothing more than a wish.
For my needs the main FP2 camera is all right and far from poor. The 8MP sensor doesn’t demand too much of the lens, so sharp snapshots are perfectly possible, file sizes are reasonable, the dynamic range could be better - as always, but nothing that can’t be dealt with…

The forum gallery does prove it. Btw. the uploaded images get compressed, so even when downloading the full image from the gallery you don’t get the full quality of the original.

But since I’d occasionally like to take some self portrait with my cat or friends I’m looking forward to an improved front facing camera with somewhat higher resolution.

For special requirements I have my A7s or the Nex-5r to travel light.


The forum gallery does prove it.

For the record:

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