Sucessfully replaced Mic module

The mic module stopped working so fairphone shipped me a new one. It was easy to replace and now everything works great again. :slight_smile: Its really great not to have to send the phone off when it needs repairs.


I hope it’s not the first time you took out the bottom module (and back again)? :wink:

Why would I take it out when it was working fine?

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I mean the first one. When a module doesn’t work, it always makes sense to check if removing it and putting it back in its place might fix the problem. This also makes sure you don’t replace a working module with a working module.

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Oh, I see what you mean. No I didn’t check the connections that way, when I initially contacted fairphone they said it was a known issue and just sent out another one. No further instructions.

While it might have been a sensible check I didn’t get asked to do.

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May I ask what exactly stopped working?
And it would be interesting to know if the old module really was defective.

But of course thats the advantage over any other phone manufacturer!

You’ve just got the module? I am waiting also for the delivery.

The primary microphone stopped working all together. All other features still functioning, including vibration, which is on the same module. Just to satisfy you I have dismantled and reassembled the phone with the old module :). I can confirm that this didn’t fix anything.


I got it last week, but had to acquire a philips #0 to install it.

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I have a noname screwdriver with this size. :sunglasses:

I asked because maybe the solder joints of the microphone are damaged and the module itself is repairable.

It would be interesting to know if Fairphone inspect some defective modules for their faults.


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philips is the head shape not the brand :slight_smile:


Well they said it was a known issue when I contacted them, so perhaps they don’t think it worth the labour costs to confirm?

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Yeah that possible.
But does anyone know what the origin of the fault is?

Maybe we need hardware-bug list? :heart_eyes:

“need” might be the wrong word there. Though it would probably be fascinating there is no user-problem that requires a hardware-bug list to navigate. I can see good reasons for not making such a list public.

Well there is the #hardwareissues section on the #commonissues list.

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