🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Stuttgart Fairphoners Meetings / Treffen / Community

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3 days to go!! Are there any specific topics you would like to be discussed? Add them here…


Unfortunately, I had quite some contact with customer support… Would like to talk about our experiences with FP2


I would be interested in NFC-support and operating system stuff (amateur level)


@Douwe everything arrived safe and sound for the Stuttgart get together. Thanks.


Nice t-shirt design! Did you only receive blue print on white fabric, or also blue fabric t-shirts?


Each t-shirt came in it’s own paper package - I didn’t open all of them yet…


Would love to talk about the update (for some of us) and gender - I noticed a slight gender imbalance on the forum and would love to hear your thoughts. Otherwise I am also just very curious to get to know you guys, listen and record for my MA, if you don’t mind.

Oh, and a t-shirt :smiley:


I’ll try and get Android 6 on an SD-Card, so we can update it together…


Is it available for FP Open yet?


in May Fairphone Open will move to Android 6.



For some reason I thought the meeting would be today - It is tomorrow, correct?


Yes, tomorrow! :slight_smile:



Have fun and make some pictures!


So how did the meetup go? :smiley:


Yesterady we had the 2nd Stuttgart Meeting. We had a broad Spektrum of participants: FP1 and FP2 owners - and not-yet-FP-owners.

We were 12 all together and stayed till the café closed. :slight_smile:

I was able to show how to install Xposed on the community phone. We also tried installing Android 6, but that didn’t quite work out.

All in all a lovely evening!!

How to switch from FP Open OS to Android 6?

first things first: disassambling the community phone

my notes

I sure enjoyed :relaxed::headphones:


The community phone taken apart again. Was a lovely toy to have around. :slight_smile:


Great photos! Good to hear that you had a nice evening! :slight_smile:

We were 12 all together and stayed till the café closed. :slight_smile:

That’s the Fairphone spirit! :smirk:


I still have a womens t-shirt leftover in size M. It’s the version “Exploeded view” seen here.

Is anyone interested? Please PM me. :slight_smile:


Hallo liebe Stuttgarter Fairphoner,
ich suche begeisterte Fairphoner, die mir dabei helfen könnten, die Stuttgarter Fairphone Angels aufzubauen. Das ist eine Gruppe von Community-Mitgliedern, die anderen Stuttgartern (& Region) bei ihren Fairphone fragen helfen können und ggf. vor Ort bei Hardware-Problemen helfen kann.
Ich würde mich freuen, wenn sich enige bei mir melden würden, dann kann ich nähere Infos geben. In Wien sind die Angels schon etabliert.