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I’m not in Stuttgart, but have organized the Aachen meetings a couple of times now. There is no rule on how to handle the scheduling link, Düsseldorf has now posted one publicly, I prefer to only send it via PM or email. My intention is to be able to keep track of who participates in the poll, primarily to be able to contact them directly at short notice should it be necessary (scheduling changes, reconsidering the vote if the chosen options are very few etc.).


I would be very much interested (even though I’m Heidelberg based). Is anything in the making?


If travelling is no problem to you, you might be better off with the meetup in Düsseldorf. It’s already on Sunday, if I’m not mistaken.


Thanks a lot! That does sound very interesting (and North Rhine Westphalia seems to have very active fairphoners). Unfortunately, I have to work on Sunday and cannot make it to Düsseldorf in time. But I am going to keep an interested eye on it from afar.


I just had a look at it right now.
The Doodle-Link from @Friek isn`t available anymore - maybe timed out?


Hi bennett.

Heidelberg is nearer to Karlsruhe - I am there :wink: - but I don`t know if other Fairphoners also… but I am also on the weekends often in Stuttgart (roundabout every two weeks).


Check out the map: :smiley:


Folks, there is so much interest in a new Stuttgart get-together (in our Facebook group it’s the most “fairphone-rich” German city of all) – just get in touch with each other directly through private messages, it just takes a first step :thumbsup: @vinni @friek @vordprefect @gitbreaker222 @carlaboe


I’m happy with the new interest. I set up a new doodle for a meeting in April. Please contact me with a pm and I’ll add you to our message thread.


sry I was inactive the past days (too much overhours).

I am happy to hear about the activity in fb - though I am one of the few fb-avoiders. @Friek If you are ok with it, I would ask you to pass me the doodle link via e-mail to ruben.labiunda@gmx.de


@gitbreaker222: @Friek added you to the pm here on the forum.


I might have been confusing – all I meant to say is that we had an online poll in our German language FB group (not limited to Stuttgart, I really didn’t mean to advertise it in any way) and Stuttgart clearly topped it.

Good luck with the meeting :smile:


Würde mich freuen, wenn es klappen würde. -> PM :slight_smile:


the next Fairphone Meetup is on the 27. April in Stuttgart. If you would like to join us, PM me or join the facebook appointment.


BTW @Tina, will be at Fairhandeln at Messe Stuttgart this weekend: :slight_smile:



Friek, you ordered some shirts at the FP office? :smiley:


:stuck_out_tongue: I did now… Thanks for the reminder.


Thanks for spreading the word @Stefan:)
On Friday there’ll also be a nice event at the same Messe Stuttgart organised by Social Entrepreneurship BW: https://socentbw.tumblr.com
I’ll try to drop by there too…


I sadly can’t make it to the fair, but @Tina: will you come to our event? :smiley:


I’d love to but unfortunately I have to go back to Amsterdam on Sunday.
But please keep me in the loop for future meet-ups, if I’m in the area I will definitely come by. I’ll also spread the word at the events this week. Have lots of fun!