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in diesem Thread findet ihr die Infos für die Stuttgarter Treffen.

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this thread offers info for the Stuttgart meetups. To get info via mail, please register for the newsletter.

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old first postDear all,

who is interested in a cafe meeting or something similar and lives somewhere around Stuttgart?

We might wait until the FP2s arrive but everybody is invited (even if you are only interested in FP or just find it cool what they do).
@Friek already said she would be interested :smiley:

Current status: I sent out doodle links to everybody interested as of Nov 11.
We decided to wait for scheduling the meeting until we know when the first FP2s will be available. The meeting might then be in early December or so.
To quickly be able to find a common date as soon as we know about the shipment, I’d like you to add your availability to the doodle-link I sent to everybody interested.

If you want to join us, please catch my attention with a post or message.

PS: Can edit this from a different computer! :thumbsup:


I too live in Stuttgart and would be interested to come.


I’m in. If the meeting is before x-Mas, then please date it in November… As a meeting place… tobi’s, Dilgelay or Coox & Candy.


You said you’d want to wait until the FP2 is there. That might not be the case by Nov. because they said they’d start shipping by end of november

and actually, I’d propose the Königsbau-Passagen. It’s quite central, easy to find and there’s also a tobi’s :wink: Everybody should find something there.

I would be interested in joining a Fairphone meeting in Stuttgart! November would work fine for me.


I would be interested too! Just keep me posted!


I’m interested too and looking forward to the doodle-date! Thanks for sharing and organizing.


I’d like to bring this to your attention:

I replied as follows:


I don’t think she is on the forum yet, so could I send her the doodle link as a PM on Twitter (e.g. could you share it with me to forward it to her)?

I am afraid, you have to do the get-together without me. I’m going to have a very stressful time over Christmas and I’m going to leave Germany the first days of the new year so I am probably no able to join you. Anybody interested in organizing the rest? I think we already had a place in mind (Königsbau-Passagen).

I hope you all understand.

I also wanna participate: \o/

Hi @Vinni, depending on when the meeting takes place, I might also be able to make it. Is there a date/time yet?

Hi, the doodle we had only went up to the end of December. Most of us wanted to wait until our phones arrived. I would start a new doodle for February, hoping the phones have arrived by then.


Thanks for taking that over. Yeah, you might want to make a new doodle… In February, I’m out :frowning:

I have sent a message with the new doodle link and have added all the new participants into the message-correspondance-thread. I hope you received all the infos.
@Stefan: I do not have a twitter account. If you are contacted there, could you please forward the new doodle-link?

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Would you mind posting the Doodle-link here?

@Jannis I invited you to the PM, where the link was posted.

@Vinni can I wikify your entry here so someone else (possibly @Friek) can edit it?

Of course. Thanks

Yes, that worked, thank you!

Why is only one person invited to the doodle link? Other people also want to participate. >_<