🇩🇪 🇬🇧 Stuttgart Fairphoners Meetings / Treffen / Community

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@necrosis I see that you are also in the PM now.

@Vinni @Friek: I wikified the other post.


Are people who didn’t order a FP2 yet also welcome? :smile:


Of course. We habe no problem boasting about our phones.


I’m in, too.


Hi, @Douwe and the FP-Team are celebrating the launch of FP2 on January 9th. He asked, if we wanted to throw a party in Stuttgart as well, and maybe livestream to their event.
Is anyone interested? I myself can’t participate that evening (and do not have the know-how to set up a live stream). But if enough want to - maybe someone could take over for that date?


I won’t be in Stuttgart on Jan, 9th


Hey altogether,

can we use https://www.letsmeet.click/ to organize our meetings?
This would be awesome. :smiley:


another topic: I am thinking of buying a display protective film for my FP2. Most of these come in packs of three. Is anyone interested in sharing? I only need the one. We could do this at our meeting in February.
Regarding the meeting: has everyone access to and filled out the doooooooodle?


Sure, but are there already one or two dates which you consider “hot candidates”? So far, we only have three people who particiapted in the poll. :frowning:

And regarding the protective films: The ones you can buy which come in packs of three are in most cases pretty crappy. It’s better to invest 10 euros in one single good film (like the premium ones from 3M - the cheap ones are also pretty bad).


I’d prefer one of the two later dates, though the middle one is wrong. It’s either Mon, Feb 22 or Tue, Feb 23. Which did you mean?


According to the doodle, most of you can participate on Tue. February 23. Should we then fixate this date? I would include it in the List of upcoming community meetups/events .
If no one protests until tomorrow, it’s going in.


So, Feb. 23rd it is. Now - at which time should we meet up? The Königsbau Passagen are only open until 20:00. Any alternatives?

I’ve created a Facebook-Event: Stuttgart Meetup in Facebook


Was ist denn hiermit: http://www.cafeletheatre.de
Wäre das eine Option? Da müssten wir aber ggf. reservieren und etwa wissen, wie viele kommen.
Ich weiss leider noch nicht, ob ich das an einem Werktag schaffe, da ich von Tübingen anreise. Aber ich werd mich bemühen :wink:


I would recommend to announce meetings not in Facebook. Please use www.letsmeet.click to announce a meeting. Not everybody does have a Facebook-Account. And without a Facebook-Account you are not possible to comment or accept an invitation.
With www.letsmeet.click it will be easy to announce a meeting. You can share that link and people from other social media can join easily.
You can log in with several social media accounts like:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Google+
  • Github
  • Steam
  • Slack
    More social media will be possible. Thank you.


Do we really need any other means to announce this meeting except this public forum and maybe the group of people you’ve sent the doodle to already link (actually, I was expecting an announcement there).

And regarding the place - we certainly want something that is open longer than 8pm, don’t we?


Hi, the 23rd is in 2 weeks - who’s coming? Pleas write me a message with Name (an optional Telefone-No.) so I can reserve a table in Café le Théâtre.


I reserved the table for 19:00 under “Fairphone” for 8 people.


Hallo Friederike,
leider kann ich nun doch nicht kommen heute Abend. Habe einen Kranken in der Familie, den ich pflegen muss. Schade… LG Andrea


Ach, das tut mir Leid. Dann beim nächsten Treffen auf jeden Fall!

Gute Besserung dem/der Kranken.


It was a lovely evening in Stuttgart for our first ever Fairphoners-Meet up. We even hat visitors from Karlsruhe (70Km) and Ulm (90Km).

Here we are (from left to right) (Foto taken with FP2, google camera):
@Tiedemate, @johmue, @Friek, @necrosis, @lasimot, Sören, @kuleszdl, @emmy .

As for our FP2s: we had the whole rainbow (Foto taken with FP2, CameraMX:

We are definitly meeting up again.