Stuck in reboot loop, battery not charging

Thank you Patrick,

Small update: for a few minutes the reboot stopped and the red light was flashing (like the battery was completely empty) but now it is back in it’s reboot ritme unfortunately.

I also just tried how my phone reacts without battery but plugged. And after the red led flashes up for a short moment the phone drops into the boot loop.

Your phones reaction does not leave a different assumption as that the battery is faulty (or the phone cannot clearly make out a connected battery).
So if there is no connection issue most probably the battery gave up for whatever reason.

A bootloop without the battery indicates that the other modules work (at least for charging).

Usually the paper is more helpful on the left side of the battery, but if your battery sits tight than that probably won’t make a difference.

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Thank you both! I just contacted support, let’s what they say.


One small update after the night, I plugged it in hoping it would all be normal:) and the led light flashed for at least ten times, like it was charging. But then the reboot loop started again.

Not sure what this means, of course I’m still hoping the battery isn’t done after 3 months.

(Example for current offers)

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Been through all of this myself. Ask for a new battery - solved my problem immediately I inserted a new one

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Try with a powerbank.

That’s the second version of batteries. Of course it would be disappointing having it only lasting for three months.
Simply dropping out without any further sign is after all the more to prefer way than going the Gangna… - eh Samsung style.

That was what I was afraid of as FP revealed having to find a new manufacturer for their batteries. This is a very vital part which does not tolerate making mistakes or saving on quality.

Thank you all for the replies! I’m waiting for the new battery now!

Bad news! The new battery arrived (great customer service btw of FP) but the exact same thing happened. Phone in restart boot loop, but now without the red light (as this battery is partly charged). Any idea what I can do? Apart from contacting the customer service again?

You could look up the FP2 at iFixit and remove the bottom module, clean the contacts and mount it properly again.
Maybe your FP2 friend can help you with this.

Will try it this weekend, thanks!

Hi all,

I’m also facing the same issue. Have tried everything listed above for two days now but nothing seems to change. I’'m a stuck in the reboot loop with no access to any of my data and my FP2 is obviously out of warranty.
I’m also a bit worried to buy a new battery or bottom module if this doesn’t solve the issue.

@Koen1, did you manage to solve your issue?
Any body else has a suggestion to make it work again?


So you have tried to charge the battery in an external charger. This should have at least told you whether the battery’s looking good.

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels in your vicinity, they could perhaps help you with finding out.

Hi Fab, unfortunately nothing worked with me and I’m sending my phone to get a replacement.

Hi all, thanks for your suggestions.

No because it makes no sense to me to buy no hardware to then discard it. How much did you buy yours if you don’t mind me asking?

I am located in the Brisith Midlands which means there are no #fairphoneangels within a 100 km.

This is exactly what I fear. Purchasing a charger, and then a battery and then a bottom module etc. could not have an effect at all…

Any body else has a suggestion?

I have a spare battery, so it made sense to me to have another way of charging … and it potentially helps with troubleshooting.
(… and in case the USB port breaks and you don’t want to spend the money for the repair or it would take some time, you can operate the phone this way for a while, I know somebody who does, other brand of phone though.)

5,99 EUR at the time.

Hi all,

Just to let you know I have completely recovered my FP2 thanks to the advice of the support team. I did order a new bottom module and replaced the old one with it and since then, I had no issue whatsoever.

I have also ordered a new battery as my is reaching the end of its life after 2.5 years.

Thanks all for your contributions.

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