Streaks & flickers problem with new camera module

I found the issue of streaks and flickers on the FP2 from 3 years ago and I’m having the same one now:

I didn’t have the problem with my old FP2, but when I bought a new one, with the new camera model, this problem is massive in dim lighting. No problem in good light, but when lighting is dim the pictures are a mess. I wonder if anybody else has this problem and if there’s a fix?

This is a big annoyance, because my only complaint about the camera was basically that it was poor in dim light. Now, this new camera treats the colours better, but that doesn’t help much when the pictures are struck through by dozens of lines.

I installed the Camera MX, and it improved significantly, but didn’t completely fix the problem, the picture still gets messy in dim light.

This pic is taken with the original app, in night.

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