Strange behavior when calling

I realize it several times.
When I make an outgoing call, if I suddenly I stop it - unwanted call or mistake - during the first 1 to 3 seconds, the call doesn’t stop at all, it continues going out while the screen shows the call is off! It shows me that no call is active, but it can continue ringing in the other side (the recipients phone);

that is, the recipient actually receives the stopped call and, further more, he/she can answer it!!. Then, sometimes he/she hear me and sometimes not.

While all this happens, I may be unaware that the call is actually going, and I create a second call in the next few seconds – the correct one. That call goes on. While the the 2ond call goes on, the first recipient appears in the speaker and I am able so say some words; until the second recipient takes the call. That is; it seems the phone is able to manage an outgoing call (ghost) and a second one, and mix both, for few seconds.

Third case,
Having startes an outgoing call, in a normal situation or the above one, if I receive an incoming call in this precise moment, when my outgoing call is ringing, the phone shows supperposed dialogs and ringings for the two calls, which is diffucult to manage,

Is the first time I see this behavior in mobile phones. Seams that some trigger is missing in the phone app.

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