Storage failure

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I am getting error messages coming up saying that i have insufficient storage space. when i go into my storage settings there is plenty on both the phone and card. i previously got rid of most of my auxiliary apps. now i can’t receive texts or download apps. what should i do besides had reset?

I guess you have a FP1 (not FP1U) and you haven’t done the Unified Storage Upgrade yet.

"The first edition Fairphone that was shipped in December 2013 and early
2014 contained two different storage partitions. One partition of 1GB
for applications and one 13GB sized partition where users could put data
like music and documents. " (Source)

So you might have a lot of space on your data partition, but your system/apps partition is full.
Although you might gain a bit of space by deleting stuff or moving apps to the phone memory, sooner or later you’ll end up having the same problem.

The solution is the Unified Storage Upgrade, that repartitions your phone and makes one big partition for apps and data.

Be carefull! This will erase everything on your phone (but not on the external SD card)! So don’t forget to backup your data!

The Storage Upgrade depends on the version of the Fairphone OS that’s installed on your FP1 (you can see this in the app Fairphone Updater).

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