Stock fp4 (factory reset) boot loop

Hi all,
My phone is an fp4 with original OS A11, build fp4.fp4g.a.170.20220920 and Quickstep Launcher.
Today it suddenly freezed and restarted. And then the factory reset loop started. (it is a simliar issue to Stock fp3(+) (factory reset) boot loop (workarounds in first post)). However, the solution there didn’t help; i.e. I actually did manage to uninstall Google Services Update when the phone crashed (note: this is the 3rd time in 3 Weeks I did the factory reset), but the loop continued.
Any help is greatly appreciated.

You say today however you reported about it already a few days ago? Was it fixed after the reset for a few days? Have you tried to take out the SIM card and SD card if used? Have you tried in #dic:safemode? After the reset have you restored from a Google back-up?