Stock android vs murena android

Hi there - I have a FP4 purchased from murena with their android version on it. I have been wondering recently whether its as secure as stock android and whether I should trade some privacy and gain some security by moving to stock android from murena android.

Has anyone used stock android and the murena version on their FP4? What was the experience like? Is it worth changing? Is stock android more secure?

Hi tutop and welcome to the community and the forum.

I’d say the most important security aspect is the frequency of Android security updates. Stock FPOS (for the FP4) currently has 5 August 2022.

However, if you take reasonable precautions you might find it’s more important to keep Big G (and doubtless partners) out of your system. Moving to stock FPOS you’ll be accepting what some people would see as major privacy issues, even if your only (visible) contact is through the Play Store – and that’s unlikely to be the case. After all, that’s why alternative distributions exist.

I have no experience of Murena on the FP4 but I run it on a FP2 with much satisfaction.

P.S. - If you decide to switch, make sure you know what you’re doing, read up on this forum and plan all the steps beforehand.

See here for example:

EDIT - One last thing: the privacy issues that come with stock FPOS can be seen, in a way, as permanent security issues.

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Thanks @OldRoutard for taking the time to reply.

Its a tricky subject, as it seems there is no correct answer only a series of compromises. The murena software runs reasonably well, although I have occasional issues with banking apps and similar. I do miss google maps and I find the maps included with murena is servicable but not great.

This is good advice as I do have a bit of a habit of jumping in quickly… I will have a read of the link, thank you.

I cannot recommend Organic Maps enough:

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Why do you think that it might be more secure?

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