STL/CAD file wanted for FP4 back cover

i was wondering if it would be possible to get an stl/and/or cad file of the back cover of the fair phone 4

i would love to not to wait for a replacement/ create a custom transparent backcover out of petg with no logo or my name /to show of the internals of the phone.

plus i think other people with 3d printers would also be intrested


Hi Welcome to the forum.

This is only a user forum, you may like to contact support@fairphone~dot~com and ask if they will give you an stl/cad file.

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Also for printing a customized case, it would be great. Ordered my first Fairphone 4 - and can’t find any cases / 3D models - did you hear something from Fairphone support?

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i havent maild them
hadnt had the time jet

i really thinkt they should share the cads /stl of the ff4 as
it could greatly help with the life of the phone if people can design 3rd party modules
like a 5000 mah battery (one of the reasons a stl/cad of the back could be realy awsom) -or a different usb connector. -diy backplates .etc etc
the electronic diy community is gonna love this phone if they did so

you should mail them about it 2
wild do so myself
so that they wil now how much intrest their is

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Once you have an FP4 maybe it could be measured and replicated ??


Yes, it was done so for the FP3 by a user:


Hi ilco3, I did and will let you know if I receive an answer. Bye Michael

Received an answer. They are looking into, if they can make the files public… I hope so, this would be great.



I have played a little bit with constructing a Fairphone 4.

Here are my results.

As I haven’t received my Fairphone yet, I just draw it with the help of pictures and the dimensions on the website. I don’t know how that fits in reality.

The IO-Openings should be the Openings that I think would be necessary if you want to make a protecting case.

I drew it with FreeCAD, so I also uploaded that files if someone want to edit/customize something.


Feedback is welcome


I constructed a case in freecad a couple of days ago

There is another one here which might even be better:


That’s discussed here.

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Hello there!

Before my FP4 arrives in February, I would like to get prepared in advance and print some protective frame and car holder for it.

Is there some place to get FP4 dummy 3d files, so I don’t have to wait and spare some time measuring?


Hi and welcome to the commubity, for a case 3D print see here


Thank you for your quick reply.

Paperpilot’s work looks great, however, I can honestly see from the photos that some measurings are slightly off. Especialy around camera module it doesn’t seem to fit very well. I failed to find any other dummy in the post you linked.

I can do the measurings myself with like 0,01mm accuracy, that’s what I do for living. But it is time consuming and I have to get my Fairphone in the first place.

So is there any way to get my hands on some official CAD files?

Have you tried asking Fairphone, this is only a user forum?

support …at … fairphone … com

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I did not yet, first I tried to get it here. But I will sure do right now! If I get my hands on some files and have permision, will upload it here. Same as my upcoming accessories.

Thanks for all the help so far, love to see how dedicated and active people are here.

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Its both as well from the post I linked to, not sure if you overlooked or is not what you are searching for

Not exactly, it’s still the same fan-made thing, but I have already contacted support and asked for exact dummy here. Hope they will provide me with one. Anyways - thank you!

Just to link here as well as we now have 3 threads covering somehow the same topic.


I’ve now moved the new topic here for not having the question distributed in many different topics…