Standard Music app does not open

Since a week or so, the standard Music app on my FP1 does not work anymore. When I open it, there is a pop-up that says: ‘Music has stopped’. I have downloaded a free musicapp to make my music accessible, but I would like to use my good old music app again.

I have already tried to install Kolanut again, but unfortunately it did not have any effect on this problem. Somebody who has a solution?

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You could try clearing data and cache of your Music app. To do this, go to Settings > Apps > All Apps, scroll down to Music and select the appropriate settings. Hopefully, this helps in your case.


Hi @Juli_R, thanks for you advice. I cleared the cache, that did not work. Clearing data means you also delete your music, is not it?

No, clearing data should not delete your music, only the app data.

If clearing cache & data does not help, you could also try to install and then install again your favorite music player app.

No, you don’t delete your music by deleting the data of your Music app. It just means that the app needs to (kind of) load your music again. You should give that a try.

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@Juli_R is hereby declared hero of my day! Thanks for your advice, the Music app is working again! Yeah!


Oh, wow! Great. :blush: You are more than welcome. Enjoy your good ol’ Music app. :slight_smile: