"Stamina Mode" for FP Open

Hi, just wanted to tell about my way of prolonging the battery-life of my Fairphone. I always was dissatisfied with the battery-life and how the battery went down quick without much usage. Before the FP my only “smart device” was a Nexus Tablet, which has a battery life of 14 days with CyanogenMod (but only Wifi).

With some tweaks now i can use my phone two days without charging with medium usage. I use Gravity Box and Greenify.

Greenify sends all apps to sleep that arent needed to prevent useless activity.

More important is the Battery Saver which is built in but not very handy to use.
With Gravity Box you can set a battery icon in the quick settings of the Statusbar. With on click you can turn on the battery saver. In the Powertweaks-section of Gravity Box you can turn off the orange battery saver indication, so the saving is less distracting.

So now i can turn on the battery saver each night or for longer times when i dont use the phone and the effect is quite goog, i lose only 2 percent during the night, which withoot is a lot more (around 7-10 percent).

This is of course only helpful for people that are noz permenentally on data connection cause syncing and such stuff are turned off during battery saver.


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