Sreens flickers and blocks

Hello my dear fairphone friends,
2 month ago my screen of the Fairphone 2 started sometimes to flicker and to busing out, often a touch on the left side of the screen seemed to solve the problem, but the problem appeared more frequently and often only taken out the baterie for a restart helped to have a normal screen. Now since a small time the screen completly freaks me out. Because even when it doesnt look like a flickering tv of the 60s it often doesn`t react to touch. Sometimes it blacks out completely. The phone is updated to the lastest version, i took of the Screen and cleaned the contacts(hopping this would be the origin of the Problem).
Now my question do i need a new Screen? or does anyone see a solution here.
Im apologising for my English.

What is seen in the picture is rather this problem:

and not a flickering screen and according to the troubleshooting tool the next step after cleaning the contacts is to contact support with the following info:

Subject: "Coloured pixels image"
Description: "My display presents a coloured pixels image. I confirm that my shipping address is correct. Please see attached the sample picture and advise how to proceed further."
you order number
your phone's IMEI1
attach one or two sample pictures in which the problem is clearly visible
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ty you for the help!

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