Spotify won't connect to the internet on mobile data


I have a problem with Spotify (Spotify Premium) since last week and the last system update, where the app won’t connect with the internet outside WLAN.

My provider is called “Congstar” and works over the Telekom mobile network. I normally have 10Gb of 4G/LTE, which work mostly flawless (when I can connect to the network)

I already checked, if my APN uses IVp6, which it does.

I also couldn’t find, if my phone disabled access over mobile data to the app.

Weird thing is, the app somehow can still stream music, if a song got choose inside a app made playlist. But I cannot access my favourite songs playlist, or choose the “song radio” option, or use the search bar on mobile data connection.

So it feels like there is a data bottleneck, but I couldn’t find any restrictions inside the app’s user configuration or on my phone’s configurations.

If someone has a similar problem since the last update, pls share your experiences and, if you already got one, also your solution.

It would be appreciated.

Maybe this is actually the issue? There are reports from other apps having issues with the new ipv6 Telekom APN which was solved by using the old APN


“last system update” is a relative thing. For the sake of completeness, what’s the version number in “Settings > About Phone > Build Number”?

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Build number: 8901.3.A.0134.20211116


Perhaps Spotify is not fully IPv6 compliant and still relies on some IPv4 (ie. CGNAT). Do you not also have an IPv4 APN?

I should have made it clearer tbh. My bad.

Spotify still connects to the internet via mobile data.

It even streams songs, but it somehow tells me that no connection is given to the internet, despite being connected and working.

I put the APN setting on IVp4/IVp6 as from the provider recommended. I will contact the Spotify support today I guess, it’s a pretty weird problem and I really don’t understand it, because Spotify literally is able to stream songs while on mobile data, but I cannot access the search function, or play not downloaded Songs from my favorit list.

It’s really weird, because I know I have premium.

Are you sure it is able to download these songs or is it rather thay they are saved on say microSD? Could you try in browser instead of in app?

This normally means there is no internet connection and Spotify is not streaming but only playing downloaded songs. I would still advise to check the APN settings and change them to internet.telekom.

I have exactly the same issue.
I did all stuff available; clear cache, remove and re-install app.
Problem is still there; search function doesn’t work and tje black bar underneath states “no internet connection”
The music simply keeps playing, even without cache. So for some reason the app thinks it’s not connected while streaming music.
Only when connected to mobile data only. Wifi connection doesn’t have this problem.

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I already reinstalled multiple times, and there are no downloaded Songs in the library anymore.

I also cannot access/stream songs from the library.

But I can click the grayed songs inside pre-made playlists (weekly playlist) and there it will start streaming the song. Those songs are normally new to me, and not downloaded.

Ok, did you already tried and contact Spotify support tho?

I just reinstalled like 10min before this reply again, to see if it works

I deleted all files from Spotify on my SD, and deleted all caches etc, and the problem still exists.

I really have no idea, my APN settings are on IVp4/IVp6.

I reinstalled Spotify like 6 times already.

I tried whatever Spotify itself recommended.

But I cannot get a solution.

I probably just gonna wait for an updateof the client or phone, because the Spotify support currently is not available directly, and their solutions don’t fix my problem.

I’ve been chatting with Spotify support for 2 hours now. We can’t find any reason jet.

The final result:
we can’t find a reason, it is noted internaly. Often issues like this can be fixed in 2 weeks so keep checking the app for updates.
If wanted go into spotify community to see if there are others.

But to be honest: i’ve searched this issue the last days and only found it on the FP forum…

I see this here and then that Spotitfy tells me I have no internet connection, although I have, even when usng Wifi since years. Espescially the Android App deteriorated since years. However normally this vanishes after a short time (normally minutes) Maybe you can downgrade to previous version of Spotify? With LOS 18.1 Android 11 , Spotify Version, on the FP2 I currently have no issues.
Btw I see at least 1 negative review in the play store, stating the same.

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They probably will fix ir when reviews get negative.
They also said their community maybe have more people with the issue and a solution
But I didn’t have time to check this jet.

I just checked and it seemed to be solved;

Mine is now searching on 4g again.


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