Speaker too loud since update to android 6

This is defenitely the most disturbing issue for me after the update to Android 6

I have the same problem since upgrade to Android 6. I was really annoyed by it and only now realised this may be a bug not a feature XD Is there any way to manually override this, change the speaker setting, anything…?

If it is an issue that effects only a small number of people, it seems to me that this should be covered by the 2 year warranty? It is a defect in a limited set of phones. I will contact support on this issue. The last two updates did not fix this either.

The latest update did not fix this issue as well. :frowning:

Hi @rick,

This issue still persists and it is not just annoying but a problem with privacy if I can’t be sure who in a radius of several meters can hear everything the other side is saying. Can we get any update on this? Like: Is it being worked on at the moment? Which update (date) is it planned for being delivered in?



We are testing a fix now - we aim to include it in the upcoming software release.


I guess this fix didn’t make it into today’s Open OS 17.08.1 update?
My speaker is still so loud that people 5m away can hear what the person on the telephone tells me…

@rick’s post was from about the same time as the post about the release of 17.08.1, and the fix is not mentioned in the release notes when fixes in general are mentioned there (see the notes for 17.07.6).

Correct :slight_smile:
We intend to include it in the 17.09.xx update.


@rick nice to hear, thanks for the update!

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Hello Rick,

Since updating to the newest available software (FP OS 17.08.1), I have the same issue. When can I expect the fix to be able to download in (17.09.xx)? Please let me know as soon as possible. I avoid calling now, because the loud volume hurts my ear. If I know the fix will or might not be available really soon, I know I will have to look for another phone. Despite the fact that I really appreciate and support the Fairphone (initiative). And I understand that sometimes it takes something in order to make great ideas work. Right volume is a basic thing.

Thank you,

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@douwedronkert the 17.09 version is the monthly update for September. The monthly software updates generally appear somewhere in the second half of the month. There may be possibilities to get a beta version of September’s update if you need the fix before & are not afraid of installing beta software on your phone.

I’m having the same problem, by the way, but it does not bother me that much. I don’t call very often.


Where can I get the patch code? (which repo, which branch?) I’m OK to compile it and test it on my phone?

one possible solution for the loud android earspeaker might be the following: If your phone is rooted, you should be able to install Xposed Modules. Xposed Modules has got one module, that offers the possibility to change audio steps width and volume.

I don’t have links right now, I don’t know if Xposed Modules works on Android 5+, I don’t know if that xposed audio hack works.

But I think you should be able to find Xposed via Google.

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The 17.09.3 release contains a possible fix for this, has anybody been able to test it yet?

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The fix works for me. Someone else has reported that the max volume would now be barely enough, so a bit more range for the adjustment would probably have been the most universally useful solutiion, but I’m happy with it now.


The fix seems to work for me as well. Thumbs up!


I did try the new release and it did help. The sound is much more agreable now, although I would like it still to be a little more softer. Maybe it can still be somewhat adjusted with the next release? For now I’m able to use my device again which is quite a relief, so thanks!

Fix works well for me as well, the sound can now actually be controlled with the volume buttons so I can turn it down when it is too loud.

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