Speaker too loud since update to android 6

Hi there, since the update to android 6 my speaker got very much louder. Even on the lowest level I find it too loud. What can I do?

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I have the same problem - speaker is definitely louder than before the update.

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Same Problem, it’s a pain.

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You mean the small speaker for the ear, the loudspeaker or using headset?

We had similar problems with all of them regarding loudness already with Android 5.1 which also changed from update to update a little bit.

For me with Android 5.1 the small speaker was first ways to low while with headset it was way to loud. With an update also headset was way to low and not usable in street noise anymore. So I hoped the best, that with an update the overall dynamic (min/max) will be increased, but obviously not?!



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I have this problem too after the update. The volume is way too loud on the internal speaker when I call someone. It’s distorted, and turning the sound up and down doesn’t help. This is not the case in Spotify, it seems to only be the case in the phone-app. Any advice on how to fix it would be much appreciated, since it makes it quite hard to use the phone for usual telephonic-activity…


Problem is sadly not covered by what you post here, it’s about the small speaker for the ear during calls being too loud. Even if you turn it to the lowest volume it still blows my ears away.


Is there any known solution or workaround you far? I suffer the same problem- my ear is already aching…

I have the same problem. The in-call volume is way to high since the upgrade, even on the lowest possible setting.
Everybody in the same room with me can hear every word spoken on the other end.
And when I use headphones my eardrums nearly rupture.

In butracker you can find that FP SW developers are working on that problem. :slight_smile:


I am still experiencing this problem. My Fairphone is running with the newest software version. Is it about to get fixed soon? It’s so annoying…

Link to Bugtracker: https://bugtracker.fairphone.com/project/fairphone-fairphone-os-android-6/issue/47


Same problem, what is the solution? Can’t seem to find it (new to this forum so no idea where to look ;-))

When I am in call with certain people (whose phones have a high output level) the volume of the normal speaker (when I put the phone to my ear) is far too loud even when switched to the lowest level. It sometimes even hurts - and I’m used to loud stuff.
This happens since the android 6 update (on android 5 the level was too low for some people - me included).

We hear you, and we’re investigating the issue. We hope to include a fix with proper calibration in a future update.


I hope there will be a solution soon, otherwise you might get Problem with the otologist’s guild :unamused:

The last update did not fix this. For me, this is a major issue - it makes phone calls very unpleasant, I even try to avoid them using my fairphone. I have a phone that I cannot really use as a phone in a regular way? The speaker often is so loud, everyone around can (and actually has) to hear the caller as well. I would be great to hear more about the plans to resolve this issue or suggestions on a solution.


I have FPOpen 17.06.4. Pleas fix it, i cant put the phone on my ears its too loud.

Volume calls are tremendously loud, it is even painful for my ears. It is very annoying, everyone all around me hears all my full conversations. Please try to fix it soon.

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Is this issue actually observed by all users of Android 6, or just by some?
I am still on FP Open with Android 5.1 and am holding the update back due to this issue.

Im in the current Android 6 beta and definitly affected. When people don’t talk loud, on the lowest settings it’s bearable. But when somebody is talking louder, its a pain.

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Fairphone Open OS 17.06.4 (Android 6) here, not affected.