Sound saturation (with camera)

Hello from France,

When I use the camera of my FP2 in a (loud) concert, I have problems with the sound that saturates.
I used to have a iPhone4 before, and never had this problem.

Is there a solution.

Thanks for your help.

I’m not sure I understand you correctly but might you be talking about this issue:

Hi Olivier.
I fiddled around with many different apps, however, no use. Also manipulating the sound afterwards does not help at all.
Next steps I considered but not carried out:

  1. Buy ext microphone - there exist several which can be plugged into the headphone socket.
  2. Ask someone to try to adjust an open source app for changing microphone behaviour. However I could not even find out from the specs which microphone is built in.
    This problem makes me sad because I love going on concerts and take a shot from time to time there. with my old samsung S3 I never had a problem.

Hi :slight_smile: And thanks for your answers.
@marc_bamberg : I have exactly the same problem as you …
Anyway, if you hear about a solution, I would be so happy.

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