Mic problems on loud video

Hi there,
getting used to Android 5 etc… yesterday I took my fairphone to a concert. Btw, it was great, Kraftklub.
I tried to take some pictures and videos. Did not expect great results for the pictures as camera issues have already often been discussed. However, the video sound was a mess. after listening for several times, I get the impression that the microphone has a problem with bass sounds. It scratches and quirks and all sounds really ugly. Only good sound quality when there have been parts w/o bass sound. Btw, with my old s3 I never had problems like this.
Any help for that?

hi, just for reminder. obviously I’m the only one experiencing this problem? makes me a bit sad…

To be honest I wouldn’t expect any phone to record loud bass sounds in high quality. Maybe your s3 was an exception.

Paul, thanks for your reply!

to clarify this:
I took some vids, you can see one of them on my dropbox - hope it works to download from there. at the moment it is still uploading. I just took the shortest one with ca. 150 MB.

See just any other collected in here to compare the sound:

So the others don’t have HiFi sound as well, sure, but you can listen to it and understand while in my vid it’s a completely mess.

I just compared your vid to these two:

The first recording simply bypasses the problem by filtering out all bass resulting in an ugly bass-less sound.

The second one has problems with bass too, although not as much as your video.

But your video definitly has the best sound quality when there is no extremely loud bass playing.

So I guess you could try to find some software that allows you to filter bass.

Super, Paul, thanks for that hint. I’ll give it a try!
So it seems like the phone records more base than any speaker can play and filter out is a good idea. Why did I not myself come to that conclusion!
Thanks again, I will report.

Dear Paul,
today I took on the task as I recorded new mateial yesterday with the same problem. however, any of the solutions discussed in forums using vsdc, xmedia or audacity could help me out. I asked around and googled around further to find that the “automatic gain control” might be the core of the problem. This seems to be centered around the normal phone usage to automatically adjust the voice sound to a level which is convenient for phoning. So still I have the problem. Now I stand at the point to try out for opencamera which is said to have adjustements for audio gain in video recordings.

Hey Marc, did you find any solution or improvement for this? I had the same problem on the FP1 and didn’t think it would happen on the FP2, too. Recently I recorded a concert and… was super disappointed this still exists :confused:

Hi @Goekhan, disappointing to say: no. Even though I fiddled around with much stuff, I even bought a small external mic, but it did not work out. Not sure whether other people can record loud sounds, my recordings turn out to be unbearable to hear if it is loud base sound.

So we can only hope that FP releases a new microphone module I guess, sigh. That’s where the modularity of the FP2 could really be used as an advantage but we’re still waiting for the camera module.

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