Sometimes charging stops (when phone too hot?)

When I charge my phone and at the same time still use it (i.e. screen turned on and reading news or browsing the internet), I occasionally notice that after a while (maybe 15-30 minutes or so, the phone intermittently stops charging. It will start charging again after a while; but this leads to the charging being very slow, or the charge not increasing at all.
So I can choose, do I want to use the phone (and keep the charge like it is), or really charge my phone (and not use it in the meantime, i.e. turn at least the screen off, listening to music or podcasts doesn’t seem to affect this behavior).

I don’t believe that charger or cable can be the issue, as I have tried with many different chargers and cables (expensive + brand ones).

Is this a “normal” limitation of the FP2 that you other FP2 users also see? Or is this something only my phone does, is it maybe some hardware defect? It does seem to get quite hot on the back side (in the upper left part of the phone I would say); even though I don’t do anything demanding on the CPU (not playing a game or so, just reading mainly).

I’ve seen this during heavy use, e.g. navigation with the screen always on and computational needs on the more heavy side.
When I had the phone connected to a powerbank during this use, the LED would constantly change between indicating charging for a while and then being off again for a while. The net effect was keeping the charging level or adding this or that odd percent, but very slowly.

I would expect heat in the phone to slow down charging for safety reasons.

Browsing the web is not as trivial as one might think … I’ve found some sites are more demanding and eat battery visibly compared to apparently less demanding sites. I suspect the difference to be the amount of JavaScript activity, but I didn’t really research that.
This forum site here is among the more demanding ones for my Fairphone 2, by the way.


Typically I’m not browsing the web when that happens, but mostly reading, e.g. a PDF, or in a magazine (the german computer magazine c’t, through its app).
When I’m doing this without charging, the phone does not get warm at all.

It’s not that big of an issue, but many small issues add up unfortunately :(.

This is a normal behavior as for security reasons the upper battery temperature threshold is at about ~42°C when charging is interrupted until the temperature drops below ~40°C again.

This guy has used the app Automate to test and optimize different phone processes in the background for optimizing performance and smoothness specifically addressing this charging heat issue.

For me I found my phone FP2-GMS (aka: standard) normally charges alright at home, but when I try to charge it in Thalys train with the same A/C adaptor and cable I use at home the phone quickly gets hot and charging stops and starts again later and stops - even without using. With Thalys-Wifi on AND power plugged in without using (screen off) it consumes so much energy, that it sometimes discharges instead.

Any explanation? What does Thalys Wifi in the background? Spy data? Only when A/C plug is plugged in???

Good question indeed. Try and see if airplaine mode works better here and you maybe will see if it’s Wifi related.
I can only think of a weak Wifi signal where the phone has to reconnect regularly.

That sounds amazing! I don’t want any google apps on my phone though, and the Automate app seems to require play services. Thanks anyway!

This sounds even worse than what I have :frowning:. For me, this happens only when the screen is on (from what I have noticed so far). WiFi off didn’t change anything for me; and as typically this is during the daytime when I do expect calls, I haven’t experimented heavily with flight mode; my current workaround is just pausing to use the phone until it has gained some more charge (and potentially cooled off a bit), and use it intermittently for only a few minutes at a time or so

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I don’t use Google apps too for similar reasons. So I’m using an old version of Automate that can be installed manually. I would like to make a donation to the company, but last time I checked they only sell it and don’t accept donations. Well… :man_shrugging:

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