Battery heat control flow for Automate (NEEDS ROOT)

Hello, I’ll publish some of my flows for Automate, each in one thread. I’ll not use Automate’s own library service because you need to login using a Google or a Facebook account, and I’m not a GAFA enabler. This Forum seems appropriate though, since all my flows were customized for the Fairphone 2 and may not work with other phones. If you decide to use them make sure to check the contents, and do it at your own risk.

Battery heat control (NEEDS ROOT), version 1.1.
May not work on all devices. Underclocks the CPU when battery temperature rises above a threshold to extend battery charge and longevity. GPS use is exempted from the low speed mode, which can also be cancelled by touching the flow overheating notification. If you feel that the phone is slow or the screen is misbehaving even after the battery has cooled down, just turn off the screen and turn it on again, this action will reset phone speed to full (this happens because the command to change parameters of the CPU governor may sometimes fail, despite having introduced as many checks as possible in the flow). Extensively tested on a Fairphone 2, nonetheless use it at your own risk.

Download flow here.

Flow diagram:


Thank you, it’s great you help the community like this. I just wish there was a free (as in freedom) clone of automate, but it is better than nothing!


Yes, this is one that unfortunately depends on Play Services for the full-featured version, and there’s no equally good replacement available. The unblocked version is available for up to 30 blocks. LlamaLab is a well-deserving developer, I used their previous automation app for many years, very professional. I can only hope they get into the zeitgeist and make themselves available outside of Google’s platform.


Updated flow to version 1.1: increases speed of CPU 3 to 60% to allow for better touch screen navigation when in low speed mode.

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Its not available outside Google Play but if you contact the developer perhaps they’ll reconsider. I contacted the developer with this question (I also already had bought the software via Google Play).

EDIT: Tasker [1] should work with microG (though it isn’t available in F-Droid), but I’d prefer Automate. Ideally, we’d want something FOSS, in F-Droid.

[1] https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.dinglisch.android.taskerm

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Updated flow to version 1.2: increases speed of CPU 3 to 70% to allow for better touch screen navigation when in low speed mode.

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