Sometimes both speakers do not work

Good morning, I have the fairphone 3 for 1 month and I encounter an issue that begins to be annoying. Sometimes, both speakers stop working. I can’t listen to music or hear from the ear speaker when I receive a phone call. I checked my sound parameters and everything is on.
The issue appear randomly, but especially on facebook videos when I put it on widescreen or when I unplug fair phone headphones.
Does someone have the same issue? Or better, a way to fix it! I really don’t want to send back my phone for that… But when you are at work, receiving an important phone call and you can’t hear anything, it’s really uncomfortable.

Thank you!

PS: Also have a wifi issue, it disconnects and reconnects randomly, tested on 2 different wifi.

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There are topics about WiFi trouble with some things to try already.
You can find them e.g. by using the search function …
or by browsing the Help - FP3 category …

Hi, I can confirm the issue as well. After some time when I use headphones the speakers of the FP3 stop working. Hearing music or answering phone calls isn’t possible anymore, except over Bluetooth. After a restart everything works fine. Can anyone help to solve this issue. Maybe it is a software problem!?
Thank you very much!


Almost certainly this same issue where it hasn’t recognised the headphones are out. No fix known other than try putting headphones in and out a few more times, or restart

There was also the reverse issue, the phone does not register headphone jack after plugging out after a while, at random, only restart solves it i.e. headphones are in but the sound comes out of the speakers. However I haven’t encountered this bug since the last update, not sure if it still exists.

I guys, after last fairphone updates my problems are solve personaly, and before, the support gave me the solution to just up volume to maximum and speaker were working again :slight_smile:


Hey all,

I also have a problem with speakers (sometimes)not working after I unplug my headphone. Installed the latest version May 3rd, but didn’t fix the problem
FP, please fix this bug, thanks.

Welcome to the community forum.

As this really is a community forum and not the company, Fairphone staff might read along and engage here sometimes, or not.
Please make sure to contact support to make them aware of your problem …

Hello ,
It seems that I have the same problem than you but with the fairphone 2 . I can’t hear from the ear speaker when I receive a phone call. Did you fix your problem and if yes how ?
Thanks you in advnce for your help.

I had this problem, just set your volume to lowest, then highest, and you should have it back.
I only had this problem the first months I had the phone, it was fixed with an update!

Hi @RaphaelB

Your reply was to a post nearly a year old (May 2020) when FP3 was using Android 9.

Since Android 10 (Sep 2020) there have been 4 updates so I wonder which versions and updates you were using when you had the problem and which when it seemed to fix for you.

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