Somebody a broken display unit to give away?

Hello there,

I’m a handicraft enthusiast and looking for a display unit to take apart. Curiosity.
Has somebody by chance just replaced a defect display unit with a new one and no need for the old one anymore?

Would be awesome!

Cheers Anika


I have a display unit with the glass banged up and shattered. I still have it in a drawer somewhere so if you want it, I could send it to you. I’m not sure if it still works. I’ve banged on the glass with a hammer a few times to see how fast it would break (it was already cracked and replaced, mind ;))

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Hey Jerry,

that would be awesome!
Where do you live? I’m in Cologne/Germany. Just to estimate how much the shipping would be :wink:
(how fast does it break?)

I live in the Netherlands. I’ve looked up how much shipping will cost. It’ll be €5,75 if I send it in an envelope as regular mail. Otherwise it’ll be a package which will cost €9,00, or €13,00 if you want track&trace (those links are in Dutch).

The glass took quite a beating with a hammer before it actually shattered, even though there already was a crack in the glass. I think that the glass can take quite some force that’s directed at it at a straight 90 degree angle. I think that when the phone falls on its side it’s most prone to cracking.

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The white spot at the top is where I hammered on it:

The back. It’s a bit dusty because there was some adhesive material left from a sticker.

Let me know if you really want it. If you give me a postal address I can send it right away.


@Jerry @amk1208 Please exchange postal addresses via Private Message, so your addresses don’t get publicly displayed.


That’s a given, but probably wise to mention again.


Are you sorted Anika?
I got a cracked display in working condition.

Yes, Jerry already was so kind to send me his one :smile:
So thanks, but I’m all set.
Maybe I get back to you if I need another one :smiley:

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I’m very interested in what you find studying the hammered display. (Not that I’ll understand much of it :wink: )
Maybe you could post some photos? :smiley:

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Funniest thing is that in the thread where I announced my screen was broken and I showed how it was replaced I was all like “oh no one is interested in a broken screen” and look where we are now :slight_smile:


here you go