Shattered screen :(

So my gf dropped my phone right on top of the 0.5 square meter of stone floor in our house (the rest is wooden) which resulted in my screen looking like this:

It sill works but the cracks are awful. Already ordered a new screen so hopefully it’ll arrive soon. I’m pretty terrible at tinkering with electronic hardware so I wonder how easy it is to replace the screen. I’ll keep you posted.


I have done it, and it is quite easy as long as you follow the guide from iFixit. When reassembling just be sure to connect everything as before.

Looking forward to hear, how it went! :slight_smile:

Screen arrived this afternoon. It said 10-14 days for shipping so 6 days is pretty good (opted for GLS instead of DHL. The lesser of two evils I guess).


What will you do with your previous screen?
I see although it’s shattered it still works, so in the spirit of reducing e-waste it would be cool to find someone who needs a new screen for his fp and doesn’t mind a crack.

Yeaaah, I did it :smile:
The iFixit guide was quite clear to follow, except for the back facing camera, but I figured that out quick enough. Everything appears to be back in working order.

Here’s a pic of my phone completely disassembled. Sweaty palms right then.


Sounds noble but I doubt anyone’s interested. I’ll just take it to my local electronic waste collection point. They get all that sort of stuff to the proper recycling plants.

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