Some small changes to the forum

Hey all,

In my constant search to make this place more awesome, I made some changes today. I hope you like them, but don’t hold back to share your comments below!

You can now use tables.
Tables can be entered in Markdown using HTML tags. TABLE, THEAD,
TD, TR and TH. THis can come in handy to list large pieces of information relating to chargers, devices, etc.

Only staff members can now view previous versions of an edited post.
People make changes to correct errors and we’ve seen cases where people disclosed private information as IMEI and where unable to hide it because of the versioning system. If you change your post within an hour, no new version is made. After 24 hours changing your post is no longer possible.

The Category Page is now the default
To provide new members of the forum with an instant overview of what they can expect from our community this is the default.
If you prefer to have the latest posts as your default page, as it was before, use this url or add it to your bookmarks:

Updated category descriptions
Almost all categories got new, more descriptive and clearer descriptions. This will hopefully help us all to have less new topics in the wrong place.

If you know other nifty stuff to make our forum even better, let me know so I can look at them!



I found the latest topic page better. Why can’t users customize that in their preferences?

Edit: I found out that a link to the latest topics is just at the bottom of every thread page.

Not good. When I (or someone else) have found a mistake in the post after 24 hours, I have to call the @moderators now.

This is not a change from how it was before. It has always been 24 hours. I just repeated it in case people were unaware of how changes work.

Changes are hard: yes you want to allow people to take our mistakes, but if a discussion has continued you also do not want people to be able to change their post to much and make the discussion break.

I hope this will work for now, and if people find themselves repeatedly in problems because of one of these changes, I’d love to hear.

I also find it quite restrictive, but if it has always been like that then I guess it’s ok as I never heard anyone complain.


I didn’t get a notification about this. :confused: It doesn’t make a lot of sense to be able to summon @moderators if they don’t hear you…

Thanks for the update @Douwe! :thumbsup:

Maybe you don’t have to. At least, I cannot remember not being able to edit a post and I tried it right now: I’m able to edit my posts from Jan 31st, but not those from Jan 29th. So I guess, my time limit is 2 months.

@Douwe: Does this limit depend on the user access level? None of the bullets in the topic Forum User Access Levels Explained mentions this.

That seems plausible as long as wiki posts are not affected (and in fact, they seem to be excluded).

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