Some Fairphone 6 ideas

@Lidwien, what you propose is not a solution, as explains. Have you technical insight which could reliably contradict this? Regardless, it would actually be a downgrade in functionality for me, because I want the cable to remain connected no matter what, not the opposite. The body of the smartphone is not so weak as to be unable to provide this.

Specifically, I am a soldier, and consequently keep my smartphone connected to a battery (and/or sometimes a computer) very frequently as part of my kit. However, because I cannot secure its connection to those devices due to the cable being able to be (accidentally or deliberately) forcibly removed, those forceful removals which are a natural consequence of it being constantly connected frequently significantly damage the port.

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Came here to suggest this.

Now, I have an external wireless charger receiver that I replace twice a year because it’s bent cable wears down because I have to remove it (the receiver) all the time when there is no wireless charger nearby.

Just sell us an official, optional back cover that includes it, keeping the phones USB-C contact free, and I would even recommend the phone to my friends and colleagues who swear to the iPhone.

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Hi Roke.

I guess that Yv will say:
“You are contacting other users here in the forum. I as a user have no influence, so please send an email to the FP-support if you want to contact Fairphone.”




I wish the notification LED would have a comeback. I love it on my FP3.
Or how do you handle notifs without activating your screen 10 times a day? :sweat_smile:

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As mentioned several times, the modern LED is the AoD :wink: .
Starting with the FP5 it’s standard for Fairphone.


but i read its not ideal cause it drains the battery pretty fast ^^v

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Maybe a small glitch, will improve probably. It works pretty well on other phones with OLED screen.


It’s mostly a battery issue. It not the OLED screen. It sorted out after a few days of charging after the most recent update. But it cut the life of the battery by 6 hours. I discussed this with the farephone battery life topic on here. The more you know.