Some Fairphone 6 ideas

Please just make it a manageable size. The FP2 was such a neat package, all the later ones are flabby pocket destroyers!

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Would love for a “Fairphone Marketplace” let alone a “Modular Gadgets Marketplace” between all three major endomodular consumer computing device brands: Fairphone, Framework, and Shiftphone.

Cuz then you can just pick the parts you need to cobble together inside either a brand-offered compact chassis or at least 3D-printed case designs that account for the chosen parts combo.

There would need to be work done either between the brands for laptops (Framework & Shiftphone) and phones (Fairphone & Shiftphone) or within each brand themselves to make parts cross-compatible between models lines and/or generations of models.

What I’d like to see:
Headphone jack
Aluminium camera bump instead of plastic
Better camera software (the hardware is fine)
Better power efficiency software (again, the battery is large enough)
The same camera bump design/looks (it is very good looking and recognizable).
Just like with fp3 and 3+, I’d love to see the parts being interchangable and compatible with the FP5. This makes it harder to make big changes, but I think the team should only add a headphone jack and make minor build improvements, and spend more time on camera software and power efficiency software.

What I wouldn’t want to see:
No headphone jack.
Totally new design.
Larger phone.
Better display.
Under display fingerprint instead of power button.
Better camera hardware with mediocre software.
Larger battery and inefficient software.



since many years I am a loyal fairphone customer and using FP4 since early 2022.

The phone is great, but what I really miss is a built-in FM-Radio. Perhaps you might ask, why. It’s simple - I like to listen radio when going for a walk, but I live in the countryside and due to the reason the network connection is very weak - often you have only 2G.
A FM radio would be helpful in emergency situations, too - and of course save bandwith when listening to my favourite stations :wink:

Is there any “wishlist”, where you can write down features you would like for newer Fairphones?

Best regards!


Welcome to the Community @Achim87 :+1:

I have allowed myself to move your suggestion here right away. – An audacious wish, but I think you’re not the only one who’d love a return of an FM tuner (the FP2 was the last Fairphone with a working FM tuner).

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@urs_lesse: Thank you!

What i also miss is a battery-saving mode to limit charging to 85% or so.

Even the cheap non-sustainable phones (for example from Samsung) have this “on board”.

Why Fairphone does not have this? Would avoid some battery replacements and help the environment saving ressources.

Rooting is not an option, you can not use banking/credit card apps then.


Hello @Achim87 , FP5 is I believe the first one to have this option so I guess all the future ones will have it as well


Having FM support would mean that the jack needs a comeback. Thats what phones used for antenna

@Meaghan : Oh, this is the feature I’m so missing…

Anyone knows, if there will come update for FP4? It’s still on sale…

Best regards

@Furdiburd :

Not all the phones I had needed a seperate FM-Antenna. Even really old “dumb” phones, for example the old LG GB230 and one with touch, I have to look after model name tomorrow.

If Fairphone 6 has a metal chassis, like the Fairphone 5, why not use this or a part of the chassis as an antenna? A simple wire inside would be enough… or print/stick a conductor track around the rear cover etc…

Best regards

@Furdiburd / @all:

I found my old phone - it was a Samsung C3300K I got 2010. Great touch-phone from the pre-Smartphone-Area.

As you can read, the phone has a built-in FM antenna:

You really do not need any 3,5mm connector for a really great FM-radio with marvellous sound quality.

By the way, in other countries, i.e. India, a FM-radio is an obligation in new phones.

Why not be a FM-radio pioneer with Fairphone 6? Fairphone’s philosophy is to have as much as possible to have a long usage… :wink:

Such a FM-radio would be my “most ardent” wish, followed by a powerful dual-LED-light - like the one in the Fairphone 4. Unfortunately the light of Fairphone 5 is not as bright…

Best regards

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I am aware that industry is moving away from audio jacks (3.5mm), but I am not sure that this coincides with the desires of users.

Therefore, I am proposing that the next Fairphone comes with an optional audio jack - those who wish can add one.

With the modular concept of Fairphones it should not be too complicated to add this as an optional feature.

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A new model is not needed, I will say even more, if fairphone 6 comes out in the next couple of years, I will choose devices from another company. The main reason I bought fairphone is freedom and respect for the client, unlike GAMAM. But the company has not been moving in this direction lately, I don’t need a new fairphone, but new motherboard modules based on open technologies, albeit less productive ones, there is no standard board on sale, I haven’t found a 3D model of the phone frame. We have a good, repairable, but still the same google phone with surveillance and closed technologies.

At least, on the latter point I disagree. Since Fairphone 3 you can opt to get the phone preinstalled with /e/OS (a pretty open source and still very user friendly version of Android. Even if you purchased already a Fairphone with standard Andoid, you could easily migrate to /e/OS. Just have a look here.