[Solved, SD issue] Random half reboot and some uninstall are impossible

Hello everyone,

I have some various issues happening in the same period of time :

  • Random half reboot (i find the phone just reboted ask me to my phone password but not my sim password
  • I can uninstall 80% of the app, no special error, just nothing happening no matter the way I ask the uninstallation (directly by moving the app or via the program list
  • When I try to move some files in the SD card (eMMC to SD) I have the following error : java.io.IOException: write failed: EIO (I/O error). If I just to a copy or a cut same story

I thing the error is link to eMMC storage, maybe software, maybe hardware.
I plan to try a factory reset via the menu in the parameter to know if I can fix the software issue if it is one but not due to the raw Fairphone firmware.

Do you have some ideas ?
If I can solve it I will have to use the fairphone warranty

EDIT : I have some strange things, all the IO error seems to be from the SD card when i do file operations, but i have no installed app in it. When I soft deconnect it, i can remove every app I want.
Do Android use the SD card like a swap memory or something like that link to the system ?


Are you referring to the SD card which is formatted as Portable with the eject icon, else how do you ‘soft disconnect’


I don’t remember the type of formatage I choose but yes soft disconnect is the eject icon (the triangle with one line on the bottom)

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Yes you must have chosen External/Portable else there is no eject icon.

The reason I asked is that there are numerous issues when the SD card is formatted as internal and becomes encrypted.


All the test I do is pointing to a SDcard default. So I think all this sh*t is due to my 4 year old Samsung evo+ 128go starting to completely die. One more e-waste on the planet :cry:

Can you test the SD card in another phone?

Can you save any good data on the card and reformat in in a PC or somewhere to try it again?

Well not if it’s formatted as external.

See this one: Found cause of FP3+ reboot : sdcard! - #4 by amoun

I think you have a damaged SD.
You can try to remove it and check your phone properly works.
You could be able to read and copy the SD content to a new one using a PC.


I think to, If I have no sd card, I have no issue.
And the SD card can be reed in my pc but some issue make it read only.

Thanks for your help igor-cali and amoun


Tends to happen sooner or later.

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