[solved] Random reboot since we are in France

I am on my holiday in France.
Since we have bin in France my FP3 and the FP3+ of my wife are rebooting for unknown reasons. We never experienced this before.
Is there anyone that knows how to solve this?

Thanks for your help.


Maybe a network/wifi/bluetooth conflict due to frequencies try turning of those you are not using and check which option you have for network.
Network and Internet > Mobile network >Advanced >Preferred network type . . . .

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I experienced reboots only with very poor signal (theory checked).

Hi Yuri,
This may be caused by frequent changing of mobile data connections. When in a foreign country this may be exacerbated by the fact that the phone has the possibility of connecting to all the networks, and not just that of the provider, as is the case when you’re in your home country.
If possible, I’d avoid using mobile data when on the move. But it looks like you may be needing it for navigation?
If you need mobile data while on the move, you might try two or three things. Change only one thing at a time.
A) manually select the network. In France you’re likely to get best coverage in rural areas with Orange, to speak from my own experience. This is not advertising, I’m not specially a fan of theirs, but I’ve often seen friends who use Orange pick up a better signal in some rural areas.
B) turn off enhanced LTE mode.
C) switch network type to 3G only.

Also, as Amoun says, don’t leave Wifi on when you’re using mobile data, and vice versa.

Enjoy your holiday! :sunglasses:


Hi all,

Thanks for replaying on my topic.
It must be the switching back and forward between WiFi and the mobile signal hiccup. We have a very poor phone and data signal in the valley where we stay with our tent next to a nice river to swim in. :slight_smile:
My wife only uses the WiFi signal from the camping but has the same problems. Therefore it probably will be the on and of switching between the service providers. Orange is not the best available at our spot. :slight_smile: I simplified the choices for the network services on my phone as recommended. We will see if it helps.

Is this a Android 10 bug? Or is it something FP can fix in there software?

OK I hope you know that 2.4Ghz WIFI has twice the range of 5G but is in the same band as Bluetooth. So if using 2.4Ghz wifi try ensuring Bluetooth is off.

Hey, I’d rather have the river than the signal man!
Have a great time.:beach_umbrella:

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I want it all. :wink:
The 2,4 Gh WiFi and Bluetooth never interfered before but if the bug coms back I will certainly try turning of the BT.

Tax. For the tips.

Yes it’s not that I want it all but I don’t want to choose. I have a small 2 in 1 laptop/tablet. It only has 2.4Ghz wifi and if bluetooth is on it won’t connect. If I connect wifi first bluetooth will work ?? They use the same antenna.

Take care of the river, it’s not man made, but man, animals and plants made want if forever and it doesn’t have a warranty.

Turning of 4G choosing for 3G only did the trick.


Glad to have been of help Yuri and thanks for the feedback

Switching to 3G only might have solved the reboot issue, but that workaround has launched another problem. We do not even know if both Fairphones run the latest FPOS version…

You can check the version

Settings > About phone > Build number

You should find this no 8901.3.A0107.20210513
The 0107 is the key the last part is the date 2021 05 13 it was issued

Thanks, I am very well informed about the procedure, but I do not own these two Fairphones…

Apologies I didn’t note the post author and thought is was @Yuri :blush: again

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No worrys. The Both have nr.


Thanks, Fairphone should investigate the issue accordingly. The devices must not reboot in any way. There still is no issue tracker for the FP3 after almost two years, and they probably never will launch one. Support is e-mail, and about 14 days away. What a disgrace in the year 2021…

OFF Topic but I read a lot of whinging directed to Fairphone, which they do set themselves up for I must add :slight_smile:

In reverse order.

  • People are a disgrace, and the year is irrelevant
  • Fairphone are just people
  • Applying should to other people is about expectations of others that is unreasonable ~ people may have the ability to do what another wants and expects or they may not, so even saying Fairphone could do this and that is presumptuous.

As I said OFF topic,

Grace is given not expected.

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Also off topic :slight_smile:

I am FP supporter for the changes the make in the industry and what they do. Therefore I am enormously forgiving towards al the burdens that come with them being the small gamechanger with limited means the are. The have reached so much already and I hope many people will keep supporting them.

Thanks for the help people.


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