[SOLVED] Fairphone 2 wanted

Hi, has anyone a fairphone 2 they no longer need?
Need to be confident that the microphone works, or at least worked when last used!
Happy to pay.

Many thanks, C.

To which country does it need to be sent? If you are in UK have one going spare.

Hi aspergerguy,
How are you?
Yes we’re in the uk; thanks for responding so quickly - my phone’s mic has gone crackly, but I want to stick with using FP2 if possible!

How much can I send you for your phone and postage?

See PM for address

Many, many thanks in advance,
Chris Aldridge

I have an FP2, but without battery. Would also just sell the microphone module.
Check here for details: Selling Fairphone 2 or parts of it and accessories

OP is no longer looking for FP2 as I have resolved this situation for him, but has yet to mark post as closed.