[SOLVED] Corona Contact Tracing App stopped working after 22.06 Update Andoid 10


After the last Android 10 update the corona tracing app stopped working; it does not show any ancounters any more.

Is there some “hidden” bluetooth setting that I have to enable? In ‘settings-> System->Maintenance-> enhanced hardware features’ I found the switch to ‘enable Bluetooth Low Energy’ which is enabled. If I recall righthly I had to enable that switch after installing the app way back then (and as suggested in this topic (🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Corona-Warn-App after Android 10 Update not working - #11 by FairphoneHulk). But disabeling it, restarting, and enabeling it again (of course with restarting the phone again) did not seem to change anything.

Is corona gone (I doubt it…) or is something else amiss with the settings?

EDIT OK, I was too impatient; it is working again. How to I set the thread as solved?

Solved as mentioned above.